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Dear Digital Mom: Help My Husband Wants ANOTHER Monitor

multiple monitors

Dear Digital Mom:

My husband has a massive-sized monitor and keeps teasing that he wants to go dual screen. Dual screen? His monitor already takes up his desk! On a recent trip to one of his friend’s house – his friend pulled him into his office to show off his 4 monitors. Now my husband is set on adding at least 1 monitor.

What to do? 


– No More Monitors

Dear No More Monitors

mini display for dual monitor use

I feel your pain. Why can’t all technology be pretty and why can’t husband’s enjoy what they have?! That being said, I do love a dual monitor setup – but agree, outside of a normal workplace it looks overwhelming (but imagine the gameplay using 2 monitors! kidding). Especially if you are using 2 large monitors of equal size.

My typical office setup includes a laptop and a monitor. It’s nice I get the dual screen effect – but when I’m done working I can just close my laptop and the desk isn’t overwhelmed.

Mini Display Maybe Your Compromise!

If your husband is anything like mine – he refuses to use a laptop for gameplay. A possible solution could be purchasing a mini-display. Mini displays are ultra portable and well mini. These “small monitors” are about the size of your iPad and just plug right into a USB port. (Hello Apple iPad or Microsoft Surface – maybe this is a feature you should offer!).  These extra windows are perfect for chatting – while not the full spectrum another 27 inch monitor can give you, but none the less the additional screen by using a mini display gives extra screen coverage.

The best part of the mini display? When you aren’t using it, you can neatly fold it and place it in your desk drawer.

Another solution, spoil his rotten with a video wall! Oh wait, Father’s Day has passed, sorry husband! But  a compromise maybe to hang the monitors on the wall – sort of a mini video wall. At least thats less on the desk and maybe you can Pinterest some ideas to make it more visually appealing.

Hope that helps!

– Digital Mom

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