Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally App Review

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mickey mouse road house app review

Mickey Mouse Club House Road Rally App Review

mickey moust club house appIf you have a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan, have I got an app for YOU (or your toddler, but I know as soon as you saw that title you were singing HOT DOG  HOT DOG HOT DIGGITY DOG, admit it).

Disney has just released a new app based on their hit TV shot. The app is FREE and geared towards ages 3 and up (though my 2 year old totally got this, but he’s advanced kidding people).

From the second we opened the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally app, we were greeted with the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song (yes, the HOT DOG song) and my toddler was instantly engaged. The app takes the TV show to a while new level by immersing you into an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with interactive components for engaging your toddler.

You will find your toddler talking to Mickey as Mickey Mouse asks him questions, there are easy to do activities that encourage learning such as counting, problem solving and shapes.

A few details about the app:

  • It’s FREE
  • Ages 3 and Up
  • Created by Disney
  • Available for Apple iPad

Download Mickey Mouse Road Rally App


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