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Messes My Kids Made – Part 1

You know, I know kids makes messes. It’s part of life, right? I mean – I am by no means a clean, organized person and make my share of messes. I have 4 kids. The 2 olders, sure in their toddler years made some doozies – but these last 2 boys – OMG these toddlers can destroy a house in no time.

I started documenting these messes a while back, but after an incident that happened last week – I thought I really should just blog these.

messes my kids made

Moms with kids that make messes – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I just want a clean house for an hour. We have lived in this house now for 19 months and can honestly say that at no time has every room been clean in this house. Even when I’ve hired house cleaners – there are still rooms or closets with crap shoved in them. JUST ONE HOUR PEOPLE.  *sigh*

Anyways. This past week my darling in-laws (no sarcasm, I adore them) dropped by with ice cream and cookies for the kids. Yes, they are really that great. After the sugar fest, the kids went wild splitting into different directions – popping in and out to talk to Nana and Papa. Who we didn’t see was Izaiah. He popped downstairs and said good-bye as they were leaving. They left and my 9-year-old started screaming “MOM! COME HERE NOW! NO RIGHT NOW! THIS ISN’T GOOD!”

Izaiah has been on a kick watching “How’s It Made”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a show featuring machines making things – factory tours, and basically tells you just how various things are made. It’s a great change from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he now thinks he can make things.

That night, while we were all downstairs – Izaiah made something alright. He called it his “Pachine to Stop Elijah From Going to His Room”

Pachine = Machine in toddlerese.

I walked upstairs, thru the play room to the hall that goes to the boys’ rooms. Well, I didn’t get far. The hall is probably 10 feet in length, roughly 7 feet from the hall entrance to the door featured Izaiah’s handy work. He had taken all kinds of big objects from the play room and configured them just right blocking the hall creating a “Pachine to Stop Elijah From Going to His Room”.

This photo just doesn’t do it justice.

Toys Blocking the Hallway - messes my kids made

Rocking chairs, car play toys, laundry baskets and more – it took the older kids 15 minutes to untangle the wreckage. Fortunately, no dogs were hurt in the making of this thing – and just a few (more) scratches to the wall.  Oh TODDLERS.

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Tell ME I’M NOT ALONE: What type of messes do your kids make?

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