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Marketing To The Digital Mom

Are you in the business of marketing to digital moms?

With holiday season right around the corner – marketers are ramping up campaigns on how to reach Moms, well… in fact how to reach me.

In a great post on the Google Retail Blog, The Secret Lives of Digital Mom – Google tells you how to market to the digital mom, moms just like me.


According to Google…..

How to Market to Digital Moms

I’ll save you the research and tell you – this is how you can market to ME, a Digital Mom successfully:

I’ll start with the positive from the above report: How To Market To The Digital Mom Successfully:

  • Sponsored Blog Posts Work
    My friend Lacie over at Peanut Butter and Pickles recently reviewed ZhuZhu Pets. I have found myself telling at least 3 people about these things and am thinking about buying this for the kiddos for Christmas.  I should state that the product does have to appeal to me. Marketing to the demographic you are looking for is key. In other words, if you are looking to talk to moms – don’t have your product blogged about on a site not targeted to moms.
  • Email Marketing
    My career in digital marketing has given me many years as an email marketer specifically to women. I know for a fact email marketing works – but here is what I’ve learned. Just because you have X amount of subscribers does NOT mean you have X amount of people reading your email.

    Your email MUST be content-rich with valuable, relatable content. Your product must be sold in relevance to your content.  Emails are read when they are from reputable brand . My gmail is full of emails that sit unopened and still subscribed to – I’m just not listening. If you want to learn how to market – read, study, learn and become a master of  Seth Godin and permission based marketing.

  • Full-Motion Video Ads
    Maybe it’s the geek in me – but I really do like video ads. These seem to sell to me if a big brand is using. I think video ads are best used by bands.

    Cold Play did a fabulous ad with a tour last year. They played a snippet of their music video with a roll-over with their concert dates.  I should mention though, if Cold Play was selling ice cubes I would probably purchase them.

And the negative.  How NOT To Market To The Digital Mom:

  • Sponsored Search Links? Not So Much…
    As someone who has purchased and ran a business utilized Google Adwords, I do know these work. BUT if you are looking to real me into something I don’t know about – forget it.

    I click on an adword MAYBE 2x a week, and that’s only if I am doing some deep digging in Google and have given up after page 3.

  • Floating Ads, Pop-up/Under Ads Forget About It!
    Floating ads, pop-up, under, sideways, backwards or whatever just annoy me.

Other ways to market to me? I AM A SUCKER FOR BARGAINS. If something is priced right, I’ll spread the word and buy.

The above is just my 2 cents. I will say this. I am an avid online shopper. The older I get (I am the ripe old age of 30). The more kids I have (2 so far, and 1 on the way). The busier my schedule gets (did I mention I work full-time?).

My online purchases will just continue to grow. As much as I love my husband, he is NOT the household purchase decision maker. He’s lucky if he gets to choose what type of bread we are buying for the week (and that’s just because, he could care less! No, I’m not a mean evil household dictator like that last sentence makes me sound).

What tips do you have to marketers about marketing to you, the digital mom?

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