Are You a Manager or a Leader?


When you hear the word "MANAGEMENT", what is your first thought?

That word just doesn’t sit well with me. It brings up thoughts of TPS reports and Michael Scott.

I’ve been in the work force for a decade now and have had my experience of both good and bad managers. The one distinct difference between the both is how they approach their job. Do they see their role as one of a manager or one of a leader?

I’m in a place in my career where my position falls under that "m" word. I would much rather put myself in the mindset of leading a team, rather than managing a team. Leading a team, empowers. Managing a team, drains.

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? Check out this excerpt from

10 Key Differences Between a Manager Mindset & Leadership Mindset:

The following list provides 10 Core Competencies that define key differences between leaders and managers. And, as you’ll see, leadership skills tend to be flexible, responsive to change, and future-oriented.

1. Leaders set a standard of excellence – Managers set a standard for performance

2. Leaders seek employee commitment – Managers seek employee compliance

3. Leaders are proactive – Managers are reactive

4. Leaders create change – Managers maintain the status quo

5. Leaders take risk – Managers are risk-averse

6. Leaders are passionate – Managers are controlling

7. Leaders can create followers – Managers have subordinates

8. Leaders use personal charisma – Managers rely on bestowed authority

9. Leaders give credit – Managers assign blame

10. Leaders care about what’s right – Managers care about being right

Read the complete post here…

Are you a leader or a manager?

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