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A Simple Way to Support Makers and Charity – Meet Indie Do Good

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What Are You Passionate About? 

I want to know what you are passionate about. What are things that you LOVE and ADORE and are on fire for?

what are you passionate about?

Here’s my list: 

  1. Entrepreneurs and Makers – As a life-long entrepreneur, I love helping and learning from others who are pursuing their dreams.
  2. GOOD – It’s so easy to see the bad in the world. I really try to put on blinders and focus on the good. 
  3. Shopping – I LOVE shopping and LOVE finding UNIQUE things. The more non-corporate the better. 
  4. Technology – Well, duh.

(Okay, other things that I am passionate about include my faith, insta-stories, keto dieting and sneaking in wine – even though it’s TOTALLY NOT KETO-FRIENDLY – but I digress.)

These are things that I love and adore. So when an email landed in my box about – I may have said to my Mac (because my Mac was the only around at the moment…) “THIS IS BRILLIANT, LIKE EVERYTHING I ADORE ALL MESHED INTO ONE.” And now I get to tell you about this because – hello, you are my people and people, this is such a great concept – you need to know about it. connects innovative, independent entrepreneurs with consumers in one, very-easy-to-use website. BOOM. BOOM and BOOM. It’s like they were reading my mind and took several of my loves and meshed them together to create a website of goodness. An online store where you can SHOP for UNIQUE, quality products, made my MAKERS (a.k.a. ENTREPRENEURS) and with every purchase, a percentage of your purchase is given back to your FAVORITE charity.

Let’s Talk Makers Movement

While I am not new to the concept of giving back thru purchases, this whole makers movement kind of blew me away. Here are a few things I’ve learned about it

what is the makers movement

What is the Makers Movement? 

In plain-speak, the Maker Movement is a social movement driven by the entrepreneurial and inventive spirit. Maker culture emphasizes informal, networked, peer-led, and shared learning about products, services, and lifestyles. It is motivated by giving back, having fun and finding self-fulfillment.

Anti-Big Box

It is the overall spirit that is leading what others may refer to as the Indie Movement, the DIY Movement, or the Shop Local Movement. The movement rebuts mass ecommerce, encourages information sharing, and enables local independent artisans. You might even call it the anti-Amazon, anti-mass, or anti-big box movement.

Supporting Brands That Give Back 

Apparently, I’m not the only one who appreciated brands that give back. Did you know that 75% of consumers age 22-36 consider it very important to support brands that give back to society, and 37% of those same consumers are more likely to buy items associated with a particular cause, especially the causes that they and their friends support.

Makers and

Motion Wise

Motion Wise Desk

We’ve all heard how bad sitting at our desks all day is for us. Motionwise, built a solution that counters these disadvantages by engineering creatively-designed standing desks that provide improved blood flow throughout your body, increased energy, better posture, while actually helping you to burn more calories while you’re working. Motion Wise desks allow users to manage their sitting and standing time on a daily basis greatly reducing the threats of sitting disease.


Pickle Ball

I mean, the name alone has sold me. Have you heard of Pickleball? It’s one of the world’s fastest-growing sports, that few people have heard of, and it’s fun for ages eight to eighty.  This sport has similarities to racquetball, tennis, table tennis and badminton, but pickleball is unique too.   Indie Do Good has the latest paddle types and equipment to help you enjoy your best game. 

Fair Anita

Fair Trade Jewelry Fair Anita

I love me some cute jewelry. I love even more cute fair trade jewelry that helps support women! Fair Anita is a social enterprise that exists to create opportunities for women and girls, selling trendy (and affordable) fair trade jewelry and accessories made by over 8,000 talented women in 16 countries. Fair Anita provides dignified jobs in countries of extreme poverty and domestic violence .

And Many More Makers!

That’s just a taste of what’s available. Check out all of the Maker merchandise on

Remember, with every purchase on the site includes a “do-good” … a 5% donation of the total purchase price to a charity (you will get to choose at checkout.) With Christmas shopping creeping up, this is a great resource for unique gifts made by MAKERS!

Behind the Scenes with

Indie Do GoodI am huge fan of learning how brands are built. was founded by Ron and Sue Otten. Ron and Sue are enthralled with the Maker Movement which began when their passion for giving back to charities and local communities converged with their desire to provide an environment where entrepreneurs can tell their story, quickly go to market, and bring high-quality, artisanal products to shoppers around the world.


Want to learn more about this company and it’s maker products? Here’s where you can follow along: 

What are you passionate about? Are you a maker? If so, what do you make? Tell me in the comments! #IndieDoGood #MakersMovement post is sponsored; while the views expressed here are genuinely mine, consideration was paid to me by IndieDoGood.