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Make Your Videos Google Friendly

So you make videos and you want people to watch them. You put them on your blog and you put them on YouTube, but have you submitted a video sitemap to Google?

SAY WHAT?!? Yes, I know I’ve submitted a standard xml sitemap to Google but a video sitemap? So passing the 4-1-1 on over …

Google bought YouTube in 2006. According to Alexa (Alexa rates the top sites on the internet) Google ranks #1 on Alexa and YouTube is #3 on Alexa.

What does that mean? You want YouTube and Google to like you and your videos to help bring you traffic.

Google has a video search that integrates into it’s normal search. The good news with video search, it previews above most standard web links giving you a higher chance of being clicked. BUT of course, this is all if Google likes you.

This is reason #239420348903284 that you want the Google Gods to acknowledge you.

SO – how to get noticed? Here are some tips for making your videos Google friendly, straight from Google’s mouth.

Google wants you to submit a video sitemap via their Google Webmaster Tools

video sitemap

5 Things Google Needs to Know in your Video Sitemap

The Title

Make sure the title is related to your video


A brief description of your video, make sure to include the title in the description – as well as any other keywords relevant to your video.

Play Page URL

The play page URL where you want Google to direct users to watch the video

Thumbnail Image URL

The URL of the thumbnail image your would like Google to display

Raw File Video Location

This is the link directly to your actual video file

I know, it sounds great and all… but


Do you run a self-hosted WordPress site? Then I have an easy solution for you! Download the Google XML Sitemap for Videos plugin, it’s free and SUPER easy to use.


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Monday 30th of January 2012

Great Post. I like your style of writing.


Saturday 28th of January 2012

Thanks Google video sitemap is great for getting searches!

Liz Rishe

Friday 27th of January 2012

Great Post. I like your style of writing.