Why Louis CK’s Kids Aren’t Getting Cell Phones

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Louis CK’s kids aren’t getting cell phones. Why doesn’t Louis C.K. let his kids get a cell phone?

I love Louis C.K. and while our opinion differs on this subject, it’s definitely worth a hear.

“You say, no, you can’t have it. I don’t care what you want.” He goes on to say that he isn’t there to make them happy. He isn’t raising children, he is raising the grown-ups they are going to be.

Louis C.K.

For us getting a cell phone was really more of something we wanted to have her have since Z is at a new school, not close to home. She is only 10, so finding a friend to give her a ride home isn’t an option. Add in the multiple extracurricular activities and for our peace of mind, we wanted her to have a phone.

One thing that I LOVE that Louis CK says is that we aren’t raising children, we are raising the grown-ups they are going to be. This is SO true. I need to remember this, as the habits and moral foundation that we are working so hard to build in them is so that they grow up to be good people in this world.

I understand where he is C.K. is coming from in his perspective on kids and smart phones. I am pretty sure that when he said these things, he didn’t think “Oh this is going to be a topic on many blogs.” (or maybe he did, he kind of is a self-made-marketing genius.)

All that said, this goes down as another parenting decision you have to make for your family and decide what is right for your child.  If it makes sense, great. If it doesn’t, don’t do it. Say no, explain why.

We made sure when our daughter got her cell phone, that the rules and expectations were clear as to what she can and cannot do with a cell phone contract. While I totally get what he says about losing yourself when you have a phone, limiting your kids usage will prevent this.

Do You Let Your Kids Have Cell Phones?

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