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Life Lesson: Record Your Life Story

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Life Story

Growing up, my grandparents passed away at a young age. I have faint memories of them, since I was so young when they died. My husband, on the other hand was raised with his grandparents always around. He told me stories of growing up in Oregon and spending time with aunts, uncles, grandparents and his great grandma.


I love this video titled My Grandfather. This reminds me so much of meeting my husband’s great grandma Mildred. Oregon air apparently helps longevity. We were able to go visit his Mildred before she passed at the age 101. It was an experience I will never forget and one that I want my kids to know about.

Explaining to my children their heritage is so important. Those few days we spent with my husband’s great grandma taught me that I needed to spend time learning about our family history and their lives as these stories are what helped form who our family is.

His great grandma Mildred recalled covered wagons and a time before cars. She spoke of her love of dead toast (burnt toast with butter.)  She told us about Sean’s dad growing up and Sean’s grandpa.Before we left Oregon, we snapped a photo with our digital camera and had a copy made of it for her at Walgreens at a photo kiosk. I’ll never forget giving it to her and she was so baffled. “Didn’t we JUST take this?” Yes Grandma, we had.

Her words about life, family and history made me appreciate the man that I married and the heritage of his family that was now mine too.

Life Lesson

Grandma Mildred taught me a life lesson. Record your life story. Mildred kept diaries of the family, as well as made audio tapes talking about her life. When Grandma passed, we were given a book created by her. We plan on making copies for our kids. It’s something that we treasure and so appreciate.

While our lives may not seem like it at the time, some day our great grandchildren will want to know about life before the internet existed.

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