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Looking for a Video Baby Monitor? Check Out Levana Stella

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We have been reviewing the Levana Stella video baby monitor system in our house the last few weeks. I always like to review an item for a period of time with regular use so that I can give you all the details about the product. I posted a photo on Instagram of the monitor and received a call from a former co-worker inquiring about it. He had just had a newborn and also has a toddler, they needed a solution that allows for multiple cameras – this definitely was something I recommended.

Here’s what I love about the Levana Stella. We previously were using the Levana Keera.  This is a fabulous system and have used regularly in the kids’ rooms since receiving. Once we tried out the Levana Stella – we were able to see what an upgrade this system is!  While the functionality of the Stella and Keera are similar, there are definite differences.

Levana Keera vs Levana Stella

Levana Keera vs Levana Stella

With the Stella, Levana has upgraded the user interface. While I still wish there was a touch-screen option, the Stella is definitely more user friendly and offers less of a learning curve when it comes to operating the actual video monitor. Both systems can handle up to 4 cameras.  Both systems allow you intercom capabilities so that you can talk back and forth with your child. This is always fun when you catch them off guard as they are jumping on the bed. The Keera does offer a video recording option that allows you to snap photos and video record your kids. (This is definitely a feature that you will love if you have older kids who often forget they are being filmed in the middle of the night – that may have snuck up an iPad to their bed. BUSTED.)

Baby Monitor for a 2-Story House

I can’t stress how useful this video baby monitor is living in a 2-story house. In our previous home, our room was right next to our kids. In this house, we are downstairs. It’s nice to be able to hand peace of mind knowing that if the kids need something that we will know right away.

Using with Older Kids

Another use we have found for the Stella is watching the kids while they school. About 50% of our kids school work in virtual school is done without our help. They attend live lessons (think Skyping into a classroom) as well as independent study. The kids are 9 and 11-years-old and while I would LOVE to think they are independent, dedicated students – those just aren’t the right words to use for them. That’s fine and they are kids, still young – but using the camera and video monitor, we are able to help keep them on task without hovering over their shoulders every minute of the day.

Levana Stella Baby Monitor CameraLevana Stella Features

Let’s look into the specific features of the Levana Stella:

  • Large 4.3″ screen
  • Whisper quiet pan/tile/zoom camera
  • Smart LED volume light indicator ring and battery life of up to 36 hours
  • 3 soothing lullabies can be played thru the camera
  • Invisible night vision LEDs
  • Talk to Baby™ intercom
  • 750ft digital wireless range
  • Expandable to 4 cameras

Overall, both the Keera and Stella are excellent video monitors (with Stella having a slight leg up with the larger screen and better video quality.) I would love to see the monitor screen come in a touch-screen option. I would also love to be able to choose the music that plays. While I love the lullabies, the older kids just don’t appreciate them. Other than that – both are solid video baby monitors that will help you keep an eye on those babies (or in our case, kids! I miss BABIES!)

Learn more about the Levana Stella

Levana Stella Video Baby Monitor Review


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