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Let’s Talk Toddlers

Let’s talk toddlers! A lot going on around here in toddler land. With 2 termites toddlers, life doesn’t stop, and neither does the OMG and LOL with these boys around.

toddler talk

toddler talk

I posted this photo to Instagram this past week. I so adore that the toddler boys finally took a loving photo together. This photo wasn’t forced, no bribery or look at the camera and say cheese was involved. They really do love each other, and now I have the photo to prove it.

He Peed in a Cup

Maybe it’s the insane heat – but the boys, specifically Izaiah has been goofy as ever. They never cease to amaze me. Like last night, Sean screams for me in the bathroom where he is bathing the boys. I run in to learn that Izaiah has decided to pee in the cup we wash their hair with and then dump it into the water. And Zeke decides to copy Izaiah with a boat, except he doesn’t know how to pee on-demand, so let’s just say the boat is being violated. Whee!

Modern Mary Poppins

We have 2 weeks left of summer, which I had thought would be the end of the boys at their school. We got a call last night letting us know there are openings for both of them! I am stoked as their teacher is the modern-day Mary Poppins. She taught both Z & E from the time Z was 2 and E was an infant. I just did the math in my head, that’s 8-years…. woah.

2 Years of Zeke

2 year old toddler


Like a bad mom, I forgot to post about Zeke turning 2 years old. Fortunately he isn’t old enough yet to type in and see that I didn’t include a specific post for him. BUT if he types in he should see that I wrote him a letter.

7 Reasons You Don’t Want to Eat With Our Toddlers at a Restaurant


You don’t want to eat at a restaurant with our toddlers. Hell, their own grandparents don’t care to eat with them at restaurants!  Say what you want to (yes, I am looking at you – the person who commented that children should know how to behave at restaurants on FB) – the moment we hit a restaurant, all memory of anything we have taught them in regards to manners and do’s and NO’s are thrown out the window.

Moms Revel How They Get Their Kids to Eat

how to get kids to eat

Do you have a picky eater? I asked a few of my mom friends how they handle kids who don’t want to eat.

Tattoo Sleeve Shirts for Toddlers

tattoo shirts for toddlers

Toddler tattoo sleeve shirts are a new trend for the littles. What do you think? Too much or too cute?

First Day of Preschool Photo Prop

Print your first day of school sign

We are getting ready for back to school with the older 2 kids.  Are your little one’s starting preschool or mother’s day out? Here is the ultimate first day of preschool photo prop – it’s a printable sign!  I made these adorable free first day of school signs. Yes, even customized for preschool (and all the way through college should you have older kids!) Take a photo of your cutie on their first day (and send me a pic to post!)

Let’s Talk Toddlers

I’m always look for fun toddler topics to yipe about, drop me a line at molly at digital mom blog dot com or a comment below.

Ai-ya-ya, that was my attempt at whatever Ricky Ricardo says when Lucy does something insane.  Yeah, my husband makes this face oh about 20 times a week. You would think he would of gotten use to the toddler chaos by now, but yeah – not so much.

ricky ricardo