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Legoland Discovery Center Dallas Review

We survived Spring Break! Our kids were off for 10 days. During those 10 days, all 4 kids were home. We instituted a few rules that included sleeping in as late as you want and having fun. We managed to accomplish both of those. One of our highlights of Spring Break 2014 was a trip to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center, just outside of Dallas in Grapevine, TX.  We were given tickets to take the kids for review, and it was definitely one of the highlights of our time off.

legoland dallas review

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Review

LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers various attractions. We took our 3 boys, ages 2, 3 and 8 years old. Each had a great time and came away saying different attractions were their favorites. There were children there of all ages, but I would say that 10 years and under would be the best ages to enjoy the facility.  While I am a pretty gender neutral person, I know if my daughter hadn’t been at a friends, she would of loved it. That being said, there is an area specifically designed for girly girls.

We did go during a crazy busy time and did have to wait for approximately 30 minutes to get into the center. Something to note: booking online is the only way to guarantee entry (tickets are limited)!  If you are looking to save some money, check out this LEGOLAND Dallas coupon.

Your first LEGOLAND Discovery Center attraction is the Lego workshop.

lego factory

Once you walk as a group through the workshop, you can ride the Kingdom Quest laser ride. This is a game, where you ride through and shoot various obstacles. Our boys loved it! It’s about a 5 minute ride/game and your score is tallied, so shoot the bad guys!


After you finish Kingdom Quest, we went to the main area of LEGOLAND. There are various activities for your kids to run and do. I say run and do, because that’s exactly what is going to happen. Your kids will run away from you. The area is not too huge, so don’t worry – if you lose a kid they are somewhat easy to find – don’t ask me how I know.

Our boys wanted to play in the play area. Our youngest was too short, but there is a smaller area for littles. There are attendants in the play area making sure the kids don’t go to crazy and to facilitate who can come in and who can’t.

legoland play area

One thing to make sure to bring is SOCKS! We of course, DIDN’T! Fear not, the gift shop sells them for a buck a pair (and they have grips – our 8 year old has begged us to go buy him some more).

There are various details through-out the center that are LEGO themed. The below photo is on top of the shoe holder.

bring socks to legoland

There are various activities in the center for your kids to do. Don’t worry parents, there is a cafe inside and tables. You can just sit and relax. While my toddlers are too small – I would feel comfortable with our older kids running around by themselves at this place.

We enjoyed the short 4-D movie, then a ride. We also loved building a LEGO car and racing it down a ramp. Then we built a LEGO tower and put it on the earthquake table and tried to knock it down.

All in all we spent around 3 hours playing. It was just enough time to wear the kids out. We plan to take the kids back when their new LEGO Star Wars miniland opens in April.

Want to see more pics of our time at LEGOLAND Dallas? Check out these:

Fun things to check out at LEGOLAND Discover Center:

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Dallas Fort Worth
3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway
Grapevine, Texas 76051