I Want Kids With a Sense of Humor


If you are a friend of mine, chances are you’ve been around me when I’ve said something in appropriate for the sake of laughter. It’s who I am, I’ve accepted it and if you can’t whoops. Sorry.

Kids Need to Laugh

Laughter to me is apart of who I am. I find the stupidest things to laugh at, and sometimes on a very good day – I laugh so hard that I cry. I enjoy stupid funny jokes and silly internet memes.

One of the top things I hope to build into my kids is a sense of humor. I want them to know how to laugh and laugh a lot.  KIDS NEEDS TO LAUGH!

While I have no idea how exactly I am going to build this into them, until I figure that out – I’m just going to encourage silliness and giggles.

My Mother is So Smart

OH, and I want my kids to know how smart I am. In order to teach them how smart their mother is, I bought them kids a book and I’m making them do a book report on it.

Video book report to come….

my mom is smart
Get your own copy of My Mother is So Smart!


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