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5 Things Kids Can Learn From Playing Video Games

I know as a mom, I tend to always dwell on the bad of a ton of screen time – especially video games. Everything in moderation, right? But there’s some good news.

Maybe those video games your kids play for hours on end, actually aren’t all that bad. We did some research and found several benefits and things kids can learn from playing video games. 

What Kids Can Learn From Playing Video Games

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Parents, video games aren’t entirely bad! Rather than dwelling on the negative, let’s look at the positive. Here are 5 things your kids can learn from playing video games. 

Problem-Solving Skills and Creativity

Each of our 4 kids loves playing Minecraft. Minecraft helps build problem-solving skills and creativity. As they build worlds, creativity is a must.  As they overcome various obstacles thru-out the game, their developing brains are learning how to problem solve. 


Video games and socialization can be a tricky subject so want to start this out with that it is always important to know who your child is playing video games online with.

That said, our older kids regularly play video games online with friends from school. When the kids have sleepovers, most of the time the kids are spending time socializing around the television. 

Critical Thinking

The Portal video game is a family favorite. It encourages critical thinking as game players are required to put objects in the right place and get through multiple portals in a short amount of time. 

Reading Comprehension

Videos games encourage reading and reading comprehension. We have seen this first hand with our 6-year-old. He is a hard-core Zelda fan and I credit the game for his interest in learning to read. Initially, we could not get him interested in learning to read.

He started playing Zelda and suddenly he needed to know how to read in order to play certain parts of the game. While we helped him, over the last year – he has taken on trying to read and understand the words himself. 

With our 7-year-old, we use Minecraft books for his 20-minutes of nightly reading, required by his school. Not directly a video game, but definitely inspired by one!

Sports and Music

I credit the Nintendo WII for teaching my kids about sports. My husband and I aren’t sports people, but several years ago when we purchased a WII – you would think we had a family of athletes. It was WII Tennis every single night. 

Rock Band introduced our kids to various instruments. It also taught us that not all of our kids should sing. Hey, just being honest.

Our third child discovered a love for the drums while playing Rock Band. He has taken that passion offline and now plays real drums. 

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Reviewing Video Games Before Kids Play

It’s always important to know what your kids are playing. Make sure that the games are age appropriate. I strongly recommend playing the game before your child does to make sure the content is appropriate for your child.

Thankfully my husband is a gamer (never thought I would say that!) He reviews all games before the kids are given the okay to play. 

Additional Video Game Benefit – Stress Relief

An additional benefit that we found for kids playing video games is stress-relief. We have experienced this first hand with our 7th grader. It’s been a very stressful year.

Middle school is hard. New processes, lots of homework and pressure to do good has our kid stressed. Video games help take his mind off of having to perform in athletics and academically. Again, all things in moderation – but stress relief is definitely a benefit for our kid. 

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