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The Best Kids Laundry Hack To Help Survive School Mornings

Kids laundry hack, because I suck at laundry. No really, I am being serious.

I just can’t wrap my head around folding laundry. It’s too mundane for me to do. My kids are no help. My husband is awesome at so many things, he like me – nope, can’t do laundry either.

kids laundry hack - suck at laundry

If you need a little help in the laundry area and could use some suggestions for surviving school morning – this post is for you. Here is the state of what the current CLEAN laundry pile looks like. 

So with 4 kids that have to be out the door each school morning by 7:15 am – that must be dressed and fed, are you starting to see my issue? This year, our littlest kid Zeke started elementary.

laundry hack best way to organize kids clothes

I knew I had to find a laundry system that would work for our kids and their school clothes. Here is the kids laundry hack that has saved my sanity on school mornings. 

Kids Laundry Hack to Save Your School Morning Routine

I purchased each child 2 of these 3 drawer storage carts. We don’t use the wheels, I want these stationary.

kids laundry hack 3 drawer storage cart

On each drawer I listed M T W TH F ! – since there are 6 drawers and only 5 school days, the ! is for the weekend or any extra out fit that is needed.

Each Sunday, I do the kids laundry. I sit and make outfits for each day and put a school outfit in each of the drawers. 

  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear

So 6 outfits (they typically end up wearing the sixth outfit sometime – and if not, I carry it over for the next week.)

This little laundry organization hack, as simple as it is – has been a God send. The kids wake up. Go to the drawer, put on their clothes and then come down for breakfast. Our younger kids typically require a little (okay, sometimes A LOT) of work to get up, but none the less – there clothes are laid out, in an organized fashion and it’s one less thing to think about as we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off to get them out the freaking door for school. 

Theme Days at School

I will admit it. I am so not a fan of theme days at school. It’s not that I don’t want my kids to have fun, I just feel awful because I am the mom who works, who has 4 kids, who can’t keep it together – and for sure can’t remember that on Wednesday we wear pink.

Until now. I now check the school calendar on Sunday night as I am putting the kids’ clothes up to see if there are theme days and then lay the clothes out in their drawer. 

based on the amount of laundry I do a week, I am pretty sure there are people who live here that I haven't met yet.
laundry meme

If you love to laugh about the pains of doing the wash – check out our funny laundry memes!

It’s so simple, and neat – it’s totally not my typical Type B self, but this kids laundry hack has been a life changer in making our school mornings sane. 

Now, about MY laundry and my husband’s laundry – that’s a whole different story for another post, over wine – lots of wine. 

Do you have a good laundry hack? What hacks help your school morning? Let me know in the comments!