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Keep Track of Your Dog with Trackr

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I remember learning about Trackr when a friend shared about it on Facebook. Several times a week I use Find My iPhone – so, I love the idea of being able to keep track of something with my phone.

Trackr sent me one of their devices to try out. Let’s look at how this tracking device works:

How does this Work?


The TrackR is a Bluetooth device that connects to an app running on your phone. The Trackr phone app is free and can monitor the distance between the phone and device by analyzing the power level of the received signal. This link can be used to ring the TrackR device or have the TrackR device ring the phone.

Keep track of your dog with technology

Bluetooth Low Energy

The device uses a new kind of radio called Bluetooth Low Energy. Don’t let the name fool you. Bluetooth Low Energy is not the same as Bluetooth Classic and consumes 50 times less power than Bluetooth Classic. TrackR was one of the first companies to use Bluetooth Low Energy in 2011 and this amazing technology enables TrackR to have a 1 year battery life while maintaining its small size.

Find Your Dog

One of the uses I came stumbled upon for using Trackr was tracking your dog. If you are a dog owner, there is high possibility that you have had to deal with losing a dog. You know, yelling like mad around the neighborhood. Enlisting anyone you see walking to help you find your mutt. Worry about where your dog could be. Losing your dog SUCKS. We once lost 2 of our dogs for 3 days. I KNEW they were gone forever.  Thankfully they were found, but I never want to have to go thru that sadness again.


Trackr can be engraved. You can replace your dog’s tags with the Trackr pet collar accessory and next time Fido runs away you will be equipped to find him.

I know what you are thinking. This sounds great, but how much are we talking…. Trackr rungs $24.95 for your first device and you can buy in bulk for cheaper.

Final thoughts on Trackr

I love this idea and this is only the beginning. I can’t wait for this tracking device to go even smaller. Would it be wrong to force by tweenager to wear one?  I think not.

How much do you love your pooch? Enough to make him snacks, a bowl, a bed? If yes, here are some links you won’t want to miss!


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