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Is the Wii Hazardous to Your Health?

We love our Wii. Let me rephrase that. My kids LOVE our Wii, therefore I LOVE our Wii. It’s great for parties,  as well as babysitting the kids and a great overall toy to take away when the kids are bad. But now, I am going to have to take in to consideration the health issues that the Wii can cause.

A friend passed this along and I have been chuckling about it ever since.   From the way this sounds – the Wii’s side effects are as those prescription drug side effects.

wii controller - hazards of playing wii

Hazards of Playing Wii

I present to you, the complete list of “Health and Safety Precautions” from Nintendo in regards to the Wii.

Repetitive Motion Injuries and Eyestrain
Electric Shock
Motion Sickness
Radio Frequency Interference
Laser Device
Console Damage
TV Screen Damage
Battery Leakage

Parents should watch their children play video games. Stop playing and consult a doctor if you or your child has any of the following symptoms:

    • Convulsions
    • Eye or muscle twitching
    • Loss of awareness
    • Altered vision
    • Involuntary movements
    • Disorientation

I will say in our experience with the Wii – we’ve had some injuries. My mother-in-law is a serious game player when you get her game playing. She busted her hand on the entertainment center – bruising her fingers and knuckles pretty badly!  Our toddler was playing and let go of the Wii remote – it hit him on the head.

The good news, Wii encourages movement. It’s not like the good ole days when I was young where we would sit for hours on end playing mindlessly. That Zelda music still plays in my head every time I think of old school Nintendo!

In a related note, my husband did write Nintendo and we scored some silicon grips for free. Read the complete list of things to watch out for.

Good times.

-Digital Mom