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5 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting the iPhone 6+

Let’s talk about a first world problem that many of us are debating: Should I Get the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+?

As many Apple heads know, last week was the big announcement of the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6+. This release Apple gives us 2 new smart phones to choose from. The iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 plus. Decisions, decisions.

Things to Not Like About the iPhone 6+

I’ve been waiting for the new iPhone announcement, as my iPhone 5 was itching to be replaced ever since my husband upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy 5S. So what new iPhone will I be getting? Let me start with what I will not be getting. The iPhone 6+, here is why – IT’S TOO BIG.

Here’s the 5 reasons I won’t be getting the iPhone 6+.

1. Thumb Reach

iPhone 6+ Thumb reach

I saw this iphone thumb reach chart on Mashable and I had to laugh. My 5’5″ thumb reach is sad.

2. Must Fit in the Wristlet


I carry a wristlet instead of a purse. I don’t want to have to carry a special bag just for this phone.

3. Pocket Fit

On the 10 days a year I wear jeans (yeah, just not a fan), I want to put my phone in my pocket – and with the iPhone 6+ it’s just not going to happen. And in my back pocket? No thanks.

4. Phone not a Tablet

iphone 6+ ipad mini

I chuckled when I heard the term phablet – you know, a phone – tablet — that’s what the iPhone 6+ feels like and I am just NOT feeling it. If I wanted an iPad, I would of bought an iPad. It’s like the iPhone 6+ is the new iPad Mini Jr.

5. Cup Holder

With 4 kids, I live in my car. My phone lives in my cup holder. There is no way that phablet is going to fit in my cupholder!

Zack Morris Phone

It’s just to damn big people! I feel like we will be looking back on photos of people on iPhone 6+ and thinking similar thoughts to this photo of Zack Morris and his GIGANTIC cellular phone.

Thoughts? Will You Be Purchasing an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+?