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iPhone 6 Cases to Keep Your Phone Protected!

Looking at iPhone 6 cases?  The iPhone 6 is a phone of beauty. It’s all nice and shiny.  I haven’t even upgraded to the iPhone 6s yet because I am still just loving the 6!

This may be an obvious statement, but if you have a toddler – and don’t buy a case for your iPhone – expect something bad to happen. Hell, even if you don’t have a toddler – these phones have a mind of their own and have been known to jump out of people’s hands, make themselves fall off tables, slip out of back jean pockets into toilets.

The last thing you want is to accidentally slip and drop your iPhone 6. (Did you see the video of the guy in Australia who was one of the first people to get his hands on the new iPhone and DROPS IT on live TV? I’ll include the video at the bottom.) The average cost to fix an iPhone 6 screen is $125.

So before you spout off some non-sense about not wanting to spend money on a case, think of how much screen replacement alone costs!  The cheapest place for iPhone 6 cases is on Amazon. The good news is – since the Apple iPhone 6s is out – iPhone 6 cases are significantly cheaper!

Personally, I have used the Otterbox Defender case and Lifeproof case for my iPhone 6. Both are excellent cases and have protected my phone for the last 16 months that I’ve had it. I will say that the Lifeproof iPhone 6 case has a much better design than the Lifeproof iPhone 5 case.

You can hear better and the quality of the case is spot on.  I think I may prefer the Lifeproof because it is a lot thinner than the Otterbox, but for my kids – I still buy the Otterbox Defender because it does such an excellent job protecting the phone.

I’ve rounded up 20 iPhone 6 cases to help keep your phone SAFE. We have used the iBlason case on the kids’ phones, and on my husband’s phones – so those work great as well. Whatever you choice is – believe me, the first time you drop that iPhone 6 you will be glad you read this and bought a case!

iPhone 6 Cases

Here is the video of one of the first iPhone 6 customers DROPPING the phone right after buying it. Buy a case people, you will thank me later. You are welcome.

What is your favorite iPhone 6 case?

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