iPad Users Love to Read

iPad Users Love to Read

iPad Users Love to Read

Early statistics on iPads and magazines show that iPad users spend nearly as much time reading as print audiences.

Reading Magazines on the iPad

iPad users spend at least 80 minutes with each digital issue, according to publishing platform Zinio, which produces Harper’s Bazaar and Car and Driver.

Readers spend about half that time reading magazines on computers, says Zinio. Print audiences, meanwhile, typically read magazines for about 70 minutes a day, according to MRI data.

Read the full story at Media Week

How often do you read on your iPad? Do you use the iBook app and app store to download books or the Amazon Kindle app and purchase through Amaazon?

Update: New study shows that iPad Readers are skimmers and don’t retain information

According to a new study from Miratech:

  • 20% of users have better retention when they read something on paper versus on an iPad
  • There’s no difference in the amount of time it takes a person to read an article on an iPad versus in a newspaper
  • On average, eyes linger longer on paper, implying more focused reading (40 ms longer on print)
  • People’s “gaze patterns” when they first look at a page are identical on an iPad versus a print newspaper.

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  • Texasholly

    I believe this completely. When I read on my iPad I spend a lot more time and it feels much more leisurely…unlike leaving comments on blogs which needs to be improved due to field memory being nonexistent and spell check overbearingness.

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