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iPad Kitchen Cabinet

ipad kitchen cabinet

Looking for a way to use your iPad in the kitchen successfully. Some people buy an Kitchen iPad mount (see my Babble post – 7 Handy iPad Kitchen Stands) and then there are people who take it one step further.

I would like to pause and say to my husband, please do not attempt this at our home. While I think this is really cool, we don’t have any spare cabinets and I REALLY love our kitchen, let’s just buy an iPad mount.

This guy made hit kitchen cabinet his iPad holder.

Check out this iPad Kitchen Cabinet

Sound is output to aux input [UPDATED – NOW VIA AIRPLAY] of mini stereo (until I replace that with powered speakers).

The iPad is easily removeable (without unscrewing [See 3.40 on video] ) – the wooden slat holding it in place is just tight enough to hold it snug.

No power supply fitted yet (because battery power very good) but that is coming soon – just need to get the dremel out again. [UPDATE: I have since glued some felt to the back of the cabinet door and back of the wooden slat to prevent scratches.]

Some people have commented about the hole left in the cabinet when I remove the iPad, I have an 8×10 photo (NOT of an iPad!) glued to a piece of wood that slots into the holder on the back of the cabinet door.I bought a replacement door (which happened to be on sale) before cutting the original, in case it all went pear shaped (no pun intended!), so at any time I can abandon the idea and restore the kitchen back to the way it was.Future developments

While I think this is really cool, please make sure you have a spare cabinet door – just in case.

What Do You Think of the iPad Kitchen Cabinet?