Named one of the must have toys for Christmas – the kids and friends were excited to receive a box full of these Xia-Xia™ hermit crabs to review. We threw a Xia-Xia™ party to share the fun.

Xia Xia Hermit Crabs
Testing out the Xia Xia Hermit Crabs

Introducing Xia-Xia Hermit Crabs


Xia-Xia™ Hermit Crab Toys are a product if Cepia. If that company doesn’t sound familiar, you may know their previous hit product Zhu Zhu Pets.

P and his removable shell
P and his removable shell from this Xia Xia hermit crab

These toys are based on a Carnivale theme. Xia-Xia has four hermit crabs that play and dance when their claw is pressed.

Each Xia-Xia hermit crab has a removable, collectible shell. The four hermit crab toys consist of:

  • Bimini with her pink polka-dotted shell and flirty eyes
  • Trinidad with his grey skull-spotted shell and orange body
  • Turks with her red shell and girly pink bows
  • Tobago with his rough-and-tumble blue exterior and boyish grin
You can purchase Xia-Xia pets at Amazon – these are on the HOT TOY Christmas list – so buy early!

What Did the Kids Think of Xia-Xia Pets?

The kids fell in love with the Xia-Xia pets. In fact, we threw the party last week and it was the first time my kids had been able to play with them. Each day when they get home from school, they’ve pulled out the sand bucket they are keeping them in and played with them.

Digital Mom Says:

I wasn’t sure what the kids would think of these. Overall, they are silly little toys and that is exactly what appeals to kids.
The few negatives I saw are that these things have TINY parts – so if you have toddlers or babies like myself, watch out. Also, the legs can easily fall off. We were able to snap back on, but just something to note.
xia xia pets
Xia-Xia pets were named to the Christmas toy hot list
mckz loves xia xia
M loves her Xia Xia
little friends in xia xia shell

In each Xia-Xia hermit crab shell – comes a little friend.

Learn more about Xia-Xia Pets at

Thanks for letting us review these!

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  • Anonymous

    Love these! Much cleaner than real hermit crabs!!!

    • DiGTiAL MOM

      that’s for sure!

  • Thrizyl

    I love these! I think I will get them just because I am from Trinidad & Tobago and my 2 month old will be 4 months by Christmas and be interested in seeing them run around

  • underthechristmastree

    these new Xia Xia hermit crabs and their playsets are only just arriving in the UK.  After seeing these fun crazy crabs with shells and kooky friends to collect and trade I understand why they are so popular in the US.

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