Instant Streaming Via NetFlix – NEATO! but…


NetFlix just announced that they will soon be rolling out instant streaming via the Wii.Wii is the best selling current-generation console in the U.S. – so this is bound to increase NetFlix memberships.

Several years back we had purchased a NetFlix membership. Our interests vary on our extra-curricular activities and after several months we cancelled as we tired out. After seeing that we can watch "instant streaming" via our PS3, we decided to give it another whirl. We have some downtime and watching movies is a good family activity, especially with a newborn. So we ordered the disc required to stream thru the PS3 and sat down to watch a movie when it arrived.

The Good and The Bad

Overall the concept is great. Who doesn’t love INSTANT? Well with instant comes a downside. The library of movies in which is available for instant viewing is scarce. There are minimal new releases, not that the old selections are all poor – just not what we expected. The selection reminds me of what I use to find when my local gas station (SHOUT OUT Mini-Mitch!) – use to rent movies. You had 5% new 95% old.

I am excited to have the instant streaming for Wii as well so our kids can enjoy movies as well. Netflix’s selection for children and family seems to provide a better selection (plus they are less picky!).

We selected the membership where in addition to receiving the instant streaming, we receive 1 disc a month. So all in all our membership is worth it. Netflix, just increase your instant streaming!

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