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5 Helpful Things to Know About iFly Dallas: Indoor Skydiving Review

iFly Review – we went indoor skydiving and this is how it went.

When iFly Indoor Skydiving invited the family to try the new How to Train Your Dragon Virtual Reality experience, I jumped at the chance. *Punny, right?*

iFly Indoor Skydiving Review

Ever wonder what this whole indoor skydiving thing is about? Here is our iFly Indoor Skydiving review. All opinions are my own and hopefully this will help prep you for your flying experience. 

ifly dallas indoor skydiving
ifly dallas indoor skydiving

5 Things to Know About iFly Dallas Indoor Skydiving

There are several things you need to know before you visit iFly Dallas or any of their other indoor sky diving locations around the country. Here’s what we’re going to cover:

  1. How to Schedule your Indoor Skydive jump.
  2. What you will do when you arrive at iFly Dallas (or other location.)
  3. Preparing for your Indoor Skydiving jump.
  4. Virtual reality experience add-on feature.

Getting Started at iFly Frisco

First things first, you will need to know is that the iFly Dallas is actually not located in Dallas, Texas. Similar to the Dallas Cowboys not actually playing in Dallas-proper, iFly Frisco is what it should be called.

ifly dallas review
ifly dallas review

Before you get started, you will want to schedule a time for your “jump.” Visit and find indoor skydiving near you.

We scheduled a spot at our local iFly Frisco location. Frisco is a suburb in north Dallas, approximately 25 miles north of downtown Dallas.

Arriving at iFly

When we arrived, the process was super simple to get started. There was a form to fill out on the touch screen monitor and then next thing you know, we were directed to head upstairs for training. 

Dallas Indoor Skydiving Classes

Before experiencing iFly indoor skydiving, there are a few things that you need to do including an indoor skydiving class. An instructor, who will be with you in the wind tunnel – will give you the full run down on the indoor skydiving experience.

indoor skydiving class
indoor skydiving class

From how to position your body, to several hand signals – this prep class will help make sure you have the best flying experience. 

Prepping to Jump

After class, the instructor preps you for your jump. And by jump, I totally mean – jump into the wind tunnel in which you will “skydive” in. There are a few things that you have to have fitted before you make your way into the wind tunnel. 

Skydiving Jump Suit

The skydiving instructor will make sure that you are fitted into the proper jump suit. The suit is a bit baggy and features handles to help the instructor guide your fly. 

Helmet for Indoor Skydive

The helmet will help keep your noggin safe. 

Virtual Skydiving with a VR Headset

Since we did the How to Train Your Dragon virtual reality package – we were fitted for a virtual reality headset. 

indoor skydiving virtual reality headset
indoor skydiving virtual reality headset

Ear Plugs for Wind Tunnel

Something I didn’t think about was the noise of a wind tunnel. The wind tunnel is LOUD! Your instructor will give you a pair of ear plugs to reduce the noise. This is why they teach your hand signals in class, you can’t hear anything inside of the wind tunnel!

Let’s Indoor Skydive

After the training at the indoor skydiving class, the fitting of the suit, helmet and VR set and placing of the ear plugs – you are just about ready to indoor skydive!

indoor skydiving dallas tx
indoor skydiving dallas tx

Our instructor led us to the wind tunnel area to start our flight experience. Just outside the actual wind tunnel – is a bench area for waiting. You will wait your turn, and before you know it – it will be you in the wind tunnel. 

The iFly package that you purchase will determine your flight experience. Our package included 3 flights, including a high-fly and virtual reality experience. 

Standard Flights

Our first flight was a getting to know you type experience. The instructor will have you raise your hands and think trust fall – but fall forward into the wind tunnel. The wind tunnel will propel you into flight with the guidance of your indoor skydiving instructor. 

ifly dallas indoor skydive
ifly dallas indoor skydive

Your arms will be straight out with a slight bend. Your legs will be straight out, slightly relaxed and split apart. You want to remain still and watch for the instructor’s directions. 

How Long is the Indoor Skydiving Flight?

We had 3 flights. Each indoor skydiving flight is 60 seconds. There is a monitor featuring a counter to let you and your instructor know how much time you have remaining in your flight. While 60 seconds may not seem like a long time – in the wind tunnel it feels much longer.

indoor skydiving meme
indoor skydiving meme

Fly High Add-on

For an additional fee, you can fly high with the instructor. We did this on our second jump. This feature the indoor skydiving instructor flying you up high in the wind tunnel and doing a circle in the air. Our instructor took us up a few times each, it was a surreal experience – for sure. 

Virtual Reality

On our last flight, my son and husband tried out the indoor skydiving virtual reality option.

How to Train Your Dragon Virtual Reality Indoor Skydiving Experience

New this year, is the How to Train Your Dragon virtual reality experience. You will put on a virtual reality headset before you jump into the wind tunnel.

virtual skydiving
virtual skydiving

Once in the wind tunnel, the instructor is shown what you are seeing on a monitor. Your indoor skydiving instructor will then help guide your experience so that you feel like you are flying in the virtual reality realm.

Talk about an immersive experience. My son has not stopped talking about his iFly Dallas experience. Want VR at home? Check out our Oculus Quest 2 review.

Final Thoughts – iFly Review

I’m so glad we were able to do this iFly review. While iFly Dallas had been in Frisco for a while, and not too far from home – let’s be honest, it isn’t a cheap activity.

After experiencing the iFly experience, we have gone back several times for a party, scout STEM activity and with friends.

skydive meme
skydive meme

While we love reviewing Dallas family activities, we also love funny memes!

As someone who is afraid of heights and the thought of jumping out of an airplane to skydive gives me hives, I did it. If this anxiety mom can indoor skydive, so can you.

If you are looking for a gift, the iFly experience would be a great one!

In Dallas, here’s an awesome hotel to stay: Jade Waters Resort Pool at the Dallas Hilton Anatole

Indoor Skydiving iFly Pricing

iFly prices depend on a few factors including: how many people are flying, how many flights are you flying, will you do the virtual reality experience or the high fly experience? For 1 person, prices start at $79.95.

iFly Discounts

Here’s how to save on iFly indoor skydiving, here are a few tips!

  • Consider going with a group of friends to get a discount!
  • The Super Saver offer at iFLY is valid at select times and can save you up to 30% off retail pricing.
  • Purchase a discount gift card at Costco or Sams Club.

Book your flight for more pricing info

Events at iFly Frisco

iFly also offers a number of events and activities. 

iFly Birthday Party

Our older 2 kids went to an iFly birthday party and loved it. There is a party room for food and will definitely create a memorable birthday!

Plan an event

STEM Field Trips

The iFly STEM program using their state-of-the-art vertical wind tunnel to inspire and educate students. Trained and reviewed STEM educators will guide your students through an interactive presentation, demos in the wind tunnel and grade-appropriate lab activities.

Our Boy Scout troop had the awesome experience of doing an iFly Dallas STEM class. The boys loved learning about gravity and what happens at zero g’s!

Learn about STEM Field Trips

Indoor Skydive Classes

We experienced iFly mid-week. Between our fly sessions, there were several people taking indoor skydiving classes. If you enjoy your experience and want to learn how to fly, flip and dance in the wind tunnel, like the professionals – consider indoor skydiving classes. 

iFly Video

Check out our iFly video on Youtube.

Here are more questions and answers to hopefully help you learn more about the iFly experience.

Is iFly worth it?

While yes, iFly Frisco sponsored our indoor skydiving flight – we had so much fun that we have been back several times (self pay.) If you are looking for a unique experience that is fun for all ages, this is a great family activity.

How much is iFly per person?

While yes, iFly Frisco sponsored our indoor skydiving flight – we had so much fun that we have been back several times (self pay.) If you are looking for a unique experience that is fun for all ages, this is a great family activity.

Where is iFly Dallas?

iFly Dallas is located at 8380 TX-121, Frisco, TX 75034. Yes, it should be called iFly Frisco, but i’m just a blogger.

How long is an iFly Flight?

Each iFly flight or indoor skydive flight is approximately 60 seconds. Typically a package includes 3 indoor skydive flights.

Thanks iFly Dallas for having us out! This was an experience that we won’t forget (and our son won’t stop talking about!)

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