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The Hubble app is the new way to keep your family in touch throughout the day. This private sharing app gives your family one place to streamline daily logistics, share more spontaneously, and preserve special memories.

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Hubble lets your family communicate in their favorite ways – offering text, voice, and photo messaging – and brings all of those communication streams in a single, private hub. Parents love the ease of coordinating daily schedules, and the way their kids share more freely and more often in a private family zone. Kids like staying in touch in a place that’s family-only, with check-ins that are kid-friendly and non-intrusive. Younger tweens love to share, so you can invite them into the app and they’ll start sending you priceless updates. Teens will appreciate a tool that isn’t exposed to their friends and will reach out more in a private family space.

Because families never know which exchanges will feel the most precious a year from now, every single message is preserved with Hubble’s self-creating family timeline of news, notes, photos, comments, voice and text messages. You’ll never lose a special text or voicemail from your kids again.

And you can share a sweet text or funny photo from your timeline easily with the grandparents or cousins with Hubblegrams, an instant digital postcard with content you select. Watch the conversation grow as your Hubblegram captures comments from everyone – all within your private Hubble network.

Hubble App Includes

• hubblegramPopular Communications Tools In One Easy App – Family members can privately communicate and share with each other using text messaging, voice messages, photos and location alerts, in a family-only zone.

• A Single Shared ‘Family-Only’ Timeline – Every message and activity from each family member is archived on one shared timeline the whole family can enjoy.

• Hubblegrams For Sharing With Extended Family – Connect your family’s hub, with a relative’s hub, to loop in grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Hubblegrams are designated messages sent as digital postcards from one family to another, all still within a private network.

• Location Alerts Kids Don’t Mind – Built with a kid-friendly approach, Hubble’s location alerts let families announce when they have arrived at their destinations or tag special locations for the family timeline. Hubble gives parents peace-of-mind with automatic alerts for family members at three locations: home, work and school.

• Self-Creating Chronicle of Family Memories – Through Hubble’s family timeline, now the whole family participates in creating a rich family history of the day-to-day, and special memories – not just mom. And the chronicle includes all of the heartwarming context, such as comments on photos or a message from a child that is now grown up, that family members can enjoy for years to come.

Whether it’s your usual busy day, the kids are at a sleepover, or you are traveling on business, Hubble can keep you together even when you’re apart. In a world full of busy daily logistics, and crowded public social platforms, Hubble puts the focus back on the family.

This is a free app.

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  1. I would like this app but can not find it on my play store I type in hubble and some space stuff comes up. Is there a different name I should type in I feel this app would be great if could find.



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