The Phone That Made Me Switch To Android (Well, I’ve Since Switched Back to an iPhone)

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HTC One M8 Review – will this make me switch from iPhone to Android?

I’ve waited a long time to upgrade my phone. Yes, I know “aren’t you a technology blogger?”  Here’s the thing. I love Apple products. I have had the Apple iPhone 5 for the last 2 years (in a Otterbox, than Lifeproof) and it’s been a great phone. I thought maybe i’d upgrade to the iPhone 5S – but honestly didn’t see enough reason to.

So, I waited. I knew the iPhone 6 was going to be awesome – I waited patiently for the reveal and drooled over all the new features like a TOTAL Apple Fan Girl. Where I failed is I didn’t immediately order it. I thought, nah – I’ll wait and give myself one for my birthday.

I knew the phone I wanted. Apple iPhone 6 gold 64 gigs. I ordered it a month ago, back ordered – set to arrive the week of October 27th. It still hasn’t arrived and now, I  just cancelled my order – here is why.


Two weeks ago, I was invited by Sprint and HTC to a lunch. I was introduced to the HTC One M8. Honestly, I love learning about new technology so was excited to go – but you know, I have an iPhone 6 on the way. And then I met my M8. It was love at first sight. It was GOLD, it was fast, it was just a bit bigger than the iPhone 6 – but not massively huge like the iPhone 6+. It is made of metal. It has AMAZING sound. The photos it takes are off the wall (it has 3 cameras!) It’s super fast on the Sprint Spark network. The only downside is I haven’t fully learned the Android platform. I am still use to the iPhone, but other than that – it’s like a new car – I’ve played with it non-stop and learn new tricks that it can do every day.

There is a LOT to love about this phone. When I originally posted to Facebook that I got one, the replies were overwhelming that people LOVED this phone. I thought I’d narrow down my reasons that I love it to 5. Though, seriously everyday I learn something new about this thing – so this list could be much longer.

My 5 Favorite Things About the HTC One M8 Harman / Kardon Edition

1. Premium Sound

The sound is PREMIUM on this phone. The front-facing stereo speakers with built-in amplifiers lets your listen to music (Pandora is my preference) with no issue. The Harman/Kardon edition phone that I have comes with Harman/Kardon AE-S in-ear headphones. Okay, I thought the Apple headphones that came with the iPhone 5 were pretty sweet – but now I KNOW why people love Harman/Kardon. They do sound right. With these headphones, you feel like you are live at a concert.

2. Metal Uni-body

The HTC One M8 has an all-metal crafted unibody. This just feels like a solid phone. I haven’t even bought a case yet and if you know me, you know how crazy I get with my iPhone making sure it always has a case on it!

3. HTC Advantage

So I mentioned that I am weird about having a case on my phone ALL THE TIME, hello I have 2 toddlers…  HTC has a program called HTC Advantage that will replace my screen God forbid it cracks for FREE within the first 6 months of ownership. I’ve cracked a screen before and while it can be fixed – it’s a pain.

4. Cameras

The HTC M8 One has 2 cameras on the back and 1 on the front. Yes, 2 – why? You can create 3D images with this and send to others who have HTC M8 phones. I am so not even kidding you. You can also do amazing features like re-focus your image AFTER you have shot it. Yes, it’s like a Lytro camera built into your smart phone. The front-facing camera is 5 MP. Both front and back cameras support 1080 Full HD video recording.

5. Expandable Storage

I mentioned with my desire for an iPhone 6 I wanted a 64 gig. I always fill up my 16 gigs and if I am going to upgrade, I should upgrade.  The M8 comes in 16 and 32 gigs, but get this… it’s expandable. It has an expansion card slot that supports microSD™ memory card for up to 128GB additional storage (card not included). So TECHNICALLY, my phone can now support up to 144GB – that’s massive.

Sorry Apple, I still love you – but this phone now has my heart.

A special thank you to Sprint for having me out, as well as HTC.

Update – I really did love that HTC One, but here is the problem… I am an Apple girl. My computer is a iMac and a Macbook Pro and I regularly use an iPad. The Apple OS is now how my brain functions. I lasted a few months, but re-ordered the Apple iPhone.

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf Influence Central for Sprint. I received sample devices to facilitate this review.

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