How to Transfer Domains from Go Daddy

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dump Day
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Dump Day - image source:

December 29 has been declared Dump Go Daddy Day.  After GoDaddy supported the SOPA Act – (Stop Online Piracy Act) – thousands of customers have rallied to take to their domains to new registrars.

I personally have moved several domains, after the sleazy ads came out a few years ago.

Looking to transfer your domain from Go Daddy? Here is how.

How to Transfer Domains from

  • has a terrible interface. Follow these steps to easy domain transfer:
  • Visit
  • Click on MY ACCOUNT (far right side of top navigation)
  • Click on the domain name you want to transfer
  • Turn OFF Private Registration if it’s enabled
  • Make sure your domain name is UNLOCKED
  • Make sure your email address for administrative contact is correct. Make sure not to change any other registrant information at this time, as it MAY result in your being unable to transfer your domain for another 60 days.
  • Go Daddy will send you an authorization code by email.
  • After you have received your code – you can now transfer your domain to BlueHost or any other hosting service.

Transferring Domain names from GoDaddy to Bluehost:

If using BlueHost, go to the BlueHost control panel, choose TRANSFER DOMAIN and follow the steps to complete transferring your domain.

Once that’s all taken care of, hit the BH Control Panel, and choose Transfer Domain, and follow the steps it takes you through.

Other Hosting Company Options to Use When Transferring Your Domain from

I have personally use BlueHost and DreamHost for various other sites and this website is hosted by MediaTemple.

This comic from describes exactly what’s going on at GoDaddy:

3 thoughts on “How to Transfer Domains from Go Daddy”

  1. Thanks for the info and how-to. Just successfully completed transfer of 4 domains. Not happy with the Go Daddy approach. Now…to set up those Web pages for husband and children. Yes, I’m one of the girls who snagged domain names for kids after a WSJ article or post from Mike Hyatt. Figuring they’ll thank me when they’re in college. 

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