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How to Make Your Tech Accessories Sparkle

What geek girl wouldn’t want her tech accessories to sparkle? Glitter and glam up that plain white drab iPhone cable and make it pretty. Steve Jobs was a brilliant man and all – but he was basic. (seriously, see Baby Steve Jobs attire). Who wants to be basic when they can be FABULOUS (sorry I just had an Oprah flashback!)

Glitter your tech accessories and make them sparkle

How to Make Your Tech Accessories Sparkle!

Let’s get to it. Not only will you be making your accessories unique, just think – you will always be able to identify your cord!  My husband and I both have iPhone 5s and well one of us tends to lose her charging cable… often. By making it pretty, I’ll be able to say “hey that’s mine! go find your own!” Okay, I wouldn’t do that because I am the one ALWAYS losing my cables… I digress… 

If you are looking for a great gift idea, how fun would this be for a geek mom or friend?

Let’s Get Started

Here is what you will need.

  • Your tech accessories that you are wanting to sparkle
  • Glitter – choose your favorite color
  • Mod Podge – any kind will do – you can even DIY it, learn here.
  • Scotch tape
  • Clear nail polish
  • Newspaper or old poster board
  • Paint brushes or foam sponge brush

First things first – wrap the ends of your items such as the prongs or silver usb metal pieces in tape. You don’t want to prettify the inside of your devices! This will keep them from sparkling.

Layout your newspaper or old poster board as your work surface.

Let’s Get Sparkling!

mod podge to make your tech sparkleSprinkle a small puddle of glitter onto your work surface.

Take the paint brush and cover one side of your tech accessory that you want to sparkle with Mod Podge.

Lay your accessory into the puddle of glitter. Another way to do this is just sprinkle the glitter on – your choice.

Allow each side to dry before starting another side.

All Glittered!

glitter puddleOnce you are all glittered – and the glitter and Mod Podge has dried, it’s time to do the finishing piece – clear nail polish!  Paint the clear nail polish over the glitter. You may want to do several layers to ensure that the glitter is sealed.


You did it!  Enjoy your sparkles!

Stay tuned for a video tutorial!

Good news – you don’t have to limit this technique to just tech accessories – think of the things you could make sparkle? Contact case, eye glass case, computer monitor (ha! I don’t know about this but if you try it, I totally want to see!). 

h/t the luxury spot