How to Charge Your Phone With a USB Hand Crank Charger

Have you ever been in an emergency situation with no electricity and your phone has a 2% battery life? Yeah, about that – no fun! Charging your phone without electricity is a no-go in emergency situations.

charge phone with no electricity

The folks at SOS Ready get it. They understand that us consumers (especially tech moms) love our phones. They keep us connected to the world, well at least they do when they are charged.  In order to keep our smart phones on, they have created a device called the SOS Charger. It’s a hand cranked USB charger and flashlight.

USB Hand Crank Charger

Charge your cell phone and light the way when you need it most. For travel, auto/boat, outdoors and emergencies.

What would you do in an emergency situation only to have no power on your mobile phone? How many times have you reached for your flashlight just to find the battery dead, especially during a power outage?

SOS Charger is the perfect solution for these scenarios and more! Compact, small and reliable, the SOS Charger is powered by you-simply wind the handle to generate the power needed to make a quick call, send a text message, and light the way!

Fast reliable charging, powered by YOU:

Recharging your mobile phone or USB-powered device (such as Bluetooth headsets) is as simple as turning the handle. Rotating the handle in either direction outputs stable, voltage-regulated power to your mobile phone or other mobile device.

For $24.99 – it sounds like the SOS Charger is worth the investment.

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  • Presley Aridariu

    i need to know more about your product how it works, very interesting, can you help me please.

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