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Hot Weather Memes – 15+ Funny Images About Crazy Summer Heat

It’s HOT weather memes because y’all. It the summer heat does not play.

We are use to hot weather here in Texas but every year when that heat index rises we all freak out like we’ve never experienced anything of the such.

Funny Hot Weather Memes about the Summer Heat

So when life starts to suck, the only thing I know to do is to make and find memes because memes make it better, right? You saw our summer memes – now get ready for some heat humor!

driving in hot weather be like meme
driving in hot weather meme

These funny memes about hot weather are for those days when it’s just too darn hot.

When that summer weather starts showing off – share this hot weather meme.

dear summer, stop showing off. we get it. you're hot!
hot weather meme funny

Texas Heat Be Like

Texas summers never disappoint. This is actually how you feel standing out in the blistering Texas heat. Sunscreen highly recommended at all times. No seriously, like even if you think meh – I can do hot weather.

just stepped outside to see it it's hot hot weather meme
hot weather meme

And for all my friends from the Lone Star state, I give you Texas memes. Gotta love those high electric bills from keeping the air conditioning running at ALL times.

high electric bill every where meme
high electric bill meme

Who can relate? Don’t miss our beach memes including funny sunburn humor (the only thing funny about sun burns!)

sun meme bring on summer me being in the sun for more than 2 minutes and burning
sun meme

Lord of the Rings Hot

When it’s so hot in your room – you are waiting for 2 hobbits to throw a ring in it.

i dont want to say its hot in my room but 2 hobbits just came in around and threw a ring in it summer heat meme

Summer Hotness

Looking for a fabulous way to stay cool in the heat of the summer hotness? This dog has the right idea, laying in a pile of ice.

me during summer heat wave meme
summer heat meme

Biggest advice, head for the mountains! Plan a mountain vacation in the PNW and don’t miss our vacation memes.

Air Conditioning Memes

Because we all know air conditioning memes come in way too hand when you either don’t have an a/c or someone won’t turn it on!

when the air conditioner finally works
air conditioning meme

If you have ever wondered who to thank for inventing the air conditioner, thank Willis Carrier.

invented the air conditioner before it was cool. thanks willis carrier funny air conditioner meme
funny air conditioner meme

When mom refuses to put on the air conditioner… Thoughts and prayer for everyone without a/c!

summer ac meme heat wave
no air conditioning meme

When you Melt in the Summer Heat Memes

This funny hot weather meme is a total accurate description of how I feel when we hit 100 degrees here in Texas for 2 days in a row. Once, in 2011 Texas hit 100 degree days for 100 days.

summer heat meme
summer heat meme

Triple digits, y’all. That was an awful year where I was pregnant with Zeke. I remember going to the hospital in my third trimester dehydrated! I wonder why!

Sweating Like a Sinner in Church

June to September, moms be like “I’m sweating like a sinner in church!” If you grew up in the bible belt, chances are you’ve heard this phrase before.

Funny hot weather meme from @spicydisastermama

Hot Summer Rain

Oh that HOT summer rain. You guys, summer rain in Texas is not like the wonderful summer rain in Oregon and Washington. It feels like the ground sizzles when it rains. Though I should say, we need all the rain we can get.


Why yes, we do have rain memes – thanks for asking.

I’m Melting

Don’t be dramatic they say. Whoops. When it’s 105 degrees, you better believe we will be dramatic! Just like us Texas winter memes where we are freaking out about the cold, we freak out about the heat too.

im melting meme
summer heat meme – i’m melting

Woke Up in Hell

Not sure if it’s summertime or if I woke up in hell. Texas is huge so various parts of our state aren’t always AS HOT as it is here in North Texas. Though there are other places like south Texas that are smoldering.

not sure if its summer time or hell meme
funny summertime meme

Don’t even get me started on Houston. Here is more about the average Texas temperature.

Walking Into AC Like

When you walk into the AC like. My sister-in-law was explaining that the PNW does not do air conditioning by default like we do down here in Texas. That is mind blowing and even more of a reason this insane heat waves is crazy. I can’t imagine not have a heater but I guess things up north are just different.

summer weather meme air conditioning

There you have it – hot weather memes for those of us suffering in the summer heat. Stay cool, friends!

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