Help Desk For Aging Adults?


I saw this and laughed – and then thought BRILLIANT. A help line aging adults. Do you have a parent or grand parent who calls over and over needing tech support? This could be the perfect Christmas gift. This could allow you to start answering the phone when they call!

To make things greater – Mrs. Brady herself is hawking this.

floHenderson is hawking a technical support service for aging adults who are complete newbies to computers. Henderson tells the Times that she saw the need for the service when she realized she didn’t know how to do anything on her cell phone except make a phone call. (Hey, remember the time the Bradys installed a pay phone in the den? Good times.)

The FloH Club is like “roadside assistance for your computer,” offering help (North American-based, the website notes, rather pointedly) on any technical assistance, from e-mail to e-commerce to backing up your hard drive and configuring a new printer. Membership is $25 a month or $250 a year.

Read the full story here

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