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Hello 32! Goodbye Birthday Gifts!

32 years old, I remember when my dad turned 32 and now here I am – leveling up in the game of life! 

On October 28th, this girly girl will turn 32.

Each year I am SPOILED rotten on my birthday. Thankfully, I have a fabulous group of friends and fam that keeps the annual celebration of me exiting the womb full of fun. A few weeks ago, while listening to Scott Harrison from charity: water speak at Catalyst he challenged people to give up their birthday. DONE.

I’m Giving My Birthday to 16 People

Say What? Yep. In an effort to help 16 people (or 3 families) receive clean water – I need to raise $320. I am asking that friends and family donate to charity: water to help with this rather than buying me gifts. Any amount left needed – I’ll close the gap to make sure that the goal is met.

Want to Help Me Celebrate?

Mondo thanks to my sister, who blogs at Dallas Socials – as well as my friend and co-worker Jennifer Deshler for already contributing.

donate-to-charity-waterDonate and I’ll make you a super duper uber cute thank you graphic. YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE.

More 4-11 Oncharity: water

Scott Harrison is the founder of charity: water. At Catalyst, he spoke about his Mom’s encounter with carbon monoxide poisoning. He spoke of years of wanting fame and fortune and achieving that as a night club promoter in NYC. Then he spoke of realizing his life needed purpose. Scott spent time with Mercy Ships and realized he wanted to help change the world – and that he is doing so thru charity: water.

charity: water is a unique non-profit in as it gives 100% of its public donations back to the cause.

Wait, 100% how is that possible? I asked that same question.

charity_waterHow Does a Non-Profit on a 100% Model?

Obviously many people have the same question. charity: water answers in their FAQ (in fact it’s question #1)

1. The 100% model: How it works.

From the very beginning, restoring people’s faith in charity was an important part of our mission. This is why we direct 100% of donors’ money straight to on-the-ground project costs. In fact, we’re so passionate about giving 100% that we pay the PayPal and credit card transaction fees each time you donate online. Each time someone gives, a true 100% goes straight to the field.

So how do we keep our lights on? A group of private donors, foundations and sponsors help pay for the everyday costs of running the organization. Our flights to the field, our staff, our office, even paperclips and ink toner, are sponsored so every penny of your donation goes straight to water projects.

Give Up Your Birthday!

What do you really need that’s greater than a person receiving clean water?



I am spoiled.

Think about what you have. If you can read this blog, you too are spoiled.

Do something with your spoiled self.

Give to the greater good.

Stop waiting.

People are thirsty.