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Headphones for Toddlers

A few weeks ago, JVC contacted me and asked if the boys would like a set of headphones. These weren’t just any headphones for toddlers!

I immediately flashed back to the car ride earlier in the day. My kids screaming, the iPad playing some crazy sounds from some game Izaiah was playing and there I was left turning up the volume on NPR trying to drown out the noise.

toddler headphones

headphones for toddlersWhile I know the headphones wouldn’t stop the kids from screaming, it would alleviate one noise point – Izaiah’s iPad game. Done. YES – PLEASE SEND HEADPHONES AND SEND THEM QUICK.

Headphones for Toddlers

What we received was a darling set of headphones that fits my kid’s head just right. And they aren’t just cute – they feature a volume limiter to prevent hearing damage. That’s especially important to me with toddler headphones since my kid likes to listen to things LOUD. The ear pads are soft for comfortable wear.

Here’s a few more details on the JVC HA-KD6 headphones:

The HA-KD6 headphones are an on-the-ear design, sized for kids, featuring a volume limiter to prevent hearing damage. They’re available in four different bright color combinations and come with stickers so kids can enjoy decorating their headphones.

  • Wide headband can be decorated with supplied stickers or users’ own
  • Small size for children (over 3 years old)
  • Soft ear pads for wearing comfort with extended use
  • Vivid colors and ideal for kids with no painted parts
  • 4 color and sticker variations for both boys and girls

Thanks JVC! Izaiah loves his toddler headphones and so does this mom. Now, if anyone has a solution for kids screaming in the back of the car – please let me know.

Purchase the JVC TINY PHONES – Headphones for Toddlers


Debra @A Frugal Friend

Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

Thanks for the review! I had bought a cheap pair before a trip and they were broken before we landed! Ugh!

Jenn L

Thursday 26th of June 2014

Oooh I love the volume limiter option. We really need a pair or two of these because my kids tend to all congregate within a 4 foot radius of each other (and me) ALL the time, which makes online Homeschool lessons (with sound) really loud and distracting.