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Okay, you know when you find a great app and then want to tell the world about it. That’s happened. And of course its from someone who KNOWS how to make apps. From our friends at Zynga with Friends (yep, those people who created Words with Friends) – introducing the new highly ADDICTING iPhone App – Hanging With Friends!

Hanging with Friends is like a mash-up of Words with Friends and the classic Hang Man game. Except – Zynga has taken this a step farther!

Tell Me About Hanging with Friends:

Here’s the scoop:

You start by choosing an avatar. Find your friends online or play a random opponent (up to 20!), and then get ready for some fun! You’ll be given letters to make up a word for your opponent to guess – or you’ll be shown some tiles and guess what your opponents word is.

Hanging with Friends Promo:

Check out this trailer for a full run down of what exactly Hanging with Friends is all about:


Is Hanging with Friends Kid-Friendly?

This is a kid friendly game – but would recommend that you watch and make sure you know who your child is playing. My 8-year old took to it after some teaching. She still has a bit of learning to do, and of course – she needs to play someone on her level for it to be fair.

Full Details – Hanging with Friends:

Here is the full run down on my new favorite app – Hanging with Friends!

Apologies in Advance!

Fair warning – this is another app that will suck away your valuable time. Use wisely. Good thing to note is that you don’t have to wait for the opponent to play – there is push notification to let you know when it’s your turn!
Enjoy! Sorry for introducing you to your possible new addiction. 🙂

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