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Taylor Swift, Super Baby and Mummy Costume DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys and Girls

Each year we dress the kiddos up and knock on complete strangers doors and say those magical words TRICK OR TREAT.  In return, the strangers give us CANDY! Such an odd holiday, yet we continue to participate in the crazy antics of the day!

halloween 2010

This year , Z wanted to be Taylor Swift.  E wanted to be a Mummy. And E well we made him a super hero – Super I!

Taylor Swift Costume

taylor swift

Z LOVES Taylor Swift. She will break out into Taylor Swift song mode just by saying Taylor’s name. Since Taylor seems to be wholesome – PLEASE STAY THAT WAY TAYLOR – and hasn’t turned into anything too skanky *cough* Miley *cough* – Taylor Swift it was for Z’s Halloween costume.

Here is how we put together Z’s DIY Taylor Swift Costume

We found Z some cute low cowboy style boots and a dress that maybe Taylor would wear if she shopped TJ Maxx. Z’s hair was done in tight Taylor Swift curls, side part – of course. Z’s Papa made her a guitar using hard cardboard. Sean colored it to make it look like a guitar. 

I smacked a “HELLO MY NAME IS…. Taylor Swift” name tag on her – and WHAM we have a Taylor Swift look-alike. She loved it! 

Super Izaiah! Baby Super Hero Costume

So it’s Izaiah’s first Halloween, so of course I wanted a super easy first Halloween costume. My requirements were that it needed to be something he would’t hate and that could be made in under an hour. Done and done. The Super Hero Baby Costume was perfect. 

super izaiah

Izaiah is our little super hero. He can fight crime and can fly and well not really. But why not make him a super hero. I smacked some felt together for a I logo for his cape and onesie. Somehow I convinced his dad that he should wear red tights because cool super heros like Batman and Superman wear tights… right? Threw some extra large blue socks on him that looked like boots. Used another pair of red tights to create super hero gloves wiht the funky thumb cut out.  Izaiah’s cape was make out of cheap silky fabric which I have no idea what it’s called, but it was only $2.99 a yard.  

There you have it, throw in a Little Tikes push convertible that’s been used for the last 7 years and WHAM! You have a baby super hero!

Mummy Costume

| Taylor Swift, Super Baby and Mummy Costume DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Boys and Girls

I tried tried tried to get E to be a super hero with Izaiah – but I guess tights weren’t his thing.  E was dead set on being a mummy (har har har).

I used 3 yards of muslin at Hobby Lobby.  The sweet fabric girl who knows what she is talking about, unlike myself – told me to wet the muslin down, and throw in the dryer before working with it.  If you have never worked with muslin before, it is ODD. There is this powdery substance that will make you cough like mad all over it.  By making wet and drying it removed the majority of this gunky powder stuff.

I then cut about 3-4 inch strips – all the way down the 3 yards of muslin.  I started with scissors and then ripped creating the jagged edges.  This was a pain, but overall I love how the fabric for a mummy looks!

Good ol’ Walmart had off-white thermals which E wore underneath. I safety pinned the muslin at the bottom of his legs, had E put on his socks and shoes and started wrapping him up like a mummy.  This was a trial and error process. I must of used 30 safety pins in total.  For E’s head, I couldn’t find a ski mask, but found a white beanie. This helped with the itchiness around E’s head when wrapping his head.

I saw online that some people dye the muslin, but folks I am not that hardcore.  I did use a brown pastel stick and darkened the edges of some of the fabric and then colored E’s face with it. I guess I could of used face paint, but I forgot and actually the effect of the pastel looked, as Z said – dusty and more mummy like.

The costume unravelled thru-out the evening, but for the most part stayed together.  The $7 thermal underwear was savable.

Total cost of costume $17.50

$9 – 3 yards of muslin

$7 – off white thermal underwear

$1.50 – white beanie

FREE – Brown pastel – had in the art drawer


3 kids is much more difficult than 2 kids. I have no idea the craziness that Christmas will bring if this is the case with every holiday.

Side Note: Razors and Illegal Drugs

Does anyone remember back in the 80’s when each Halloween the public schools would make a huge fuss over parents’ checking all of the Halloween candy that kids receive to make sure they did not include razors or illegal drugs?  What happened to make people stop putting these razors and drugs in Halloween bags because I’ve had a kid in school for 3 years now and never have I gotten such a warning! ha! (so kidding on this – as my kids dumped out their stash, I kept laughing and thinking of my mother going thru each piece of my candy as a child – JUST IN CASE).

Did you or your kids dress up? Post a link!



Wednesday 1st of February 2012

Sensational work, please keep writing it was a pleasure to work through. I am going to link to this now.


Thursday 13th of January 2011

Wow, you are much more crafty than I am. I'm looking for ideas for a Valentine's Costume Party my husband, child, and I have been invited to. Last year for halloween we did a superhero family, but you're a lot more crafty than I am, I jealous! I ordered costumes from here:

Dancing Costumes

Wednesday 10th of November 2010

Wow!! looks so cute costumes. This is really so nice costumes ever. Thanks so much for sharing the nice costumes. Thanks so much.............


Tuesday 2nd of November 2010

Those are awesome costumes! I hope Taylor Swift stays as sweet as she is. She seems to have her head on straight and realizes her audience looks up to her. As for the razors in candy bags, I haven't thought of that in ages! Thanks for the reminder. Better go take a bite of each candy just to make sure.

~Mimi from SITS


Monday 1st of November 2010

Y'all have the cutest costumes ever! I envy your costume making ability!!!!

I love the Taylor Swift outfit, the superhero baby, and the mummy ... so cute!

visiting and following from SITS