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Lent Day 13 – Let’s talk GRACE. 

Ironically on the day of the Lent Experiment that we discuss grace, I am asking for grace as this post will be brief.

Mama is tired. As I kicked off the week, after taking much of last week off for Spring Break – I haven’t stopped and haven’t prioritized sleep. Alas, I am committed to spending time each day of Lent – dedicated to exhaling whatever God has on my heart about life, faith and Lent on these blog posts. And today’s topic – GRACE.


What is Grace? 

Grace is defined as the Free and unmerited favor of God. God loves us despite our sins, because of grace. Grace is the most important concept in Christianity.

When we say that Christ loves unconditionally – that is because of grace. Despite our sins, no matter what – God gives us grace. The love of God to those who don’t deserve His love – the peace God gives to the restless – are all examples of grace. 

How Do You Show Grace?

Being married and then becoming a parent – are both crazy life situations that have taught me what it is so see grace given and how to show it. Here are a few examples of how to show grace:

What is Accepting Grace?

  • Not yelling at the guy who just cut you off.
  • Rather than getting mad at your kid for not doing the dishes, you give him a pass.
  • When your husband doesn’t remember a significant event, not exploding.
  • Remaining calm when life gives you a storm. 
  • Your friend who keeps threatening to quit Facebook! (laugh at the memes, don’t share with your Facebook quitting friend – but do give them a HUG!)

And as important as it is to show grace, it’s just as – if not more important to learn to accept grace. Accepting grace is knowing that God loves you despite what you did that you know you shouldn’t have. 

Both showing and accepting grace is why my husband and I have been married for over 20 years. It’s not been an easy 20 year ride, but I do know if he didn’t accept and love me despite my faults – and same with him – we wouldn’t be married. 

Quote about Grace
one of my favorite quotes about grace

Grace isn’t a little prayer you say before receiving a meal it’s a way to live.

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 Be blessed, give grace and be kind.