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Google Voice is FREE!

Earlier this year, I wrote about the awesomeness of Google Voice. I have now been using the voice service for about 9 months now and still heart it. And the best part? Google Voice is free.

Google Voice is Free

Google has just announced it is opening the flood gates and letting the masses in! You no longer need an invite – it’s free for all!

Watch this video:

How to Use Google Voice?

We use this service as our additional number to give out in random places where I want to monitor a call. Doing this allows all calls that go to our phone, we know (for the most part) are something that we want to pick up.

Yes, that means Toys R Us and Bath and Body Works and yes YOU, Children’s Place have my Google Voice free number.

Google Voice Features

Our favorite features of Google Voice include text messages sent to the app. Also when someone leaves you a voice mail Google sends a transcribed copy to your email. But warning, the translation is quite hilarious and not on spot at all, It will give you a chuckle.

Another feature is you can download your voice mails. Yes, those mean voice mails that your ex is leaving you can now be easily downloaded for easy uploading.

Here are other features:

  • Number porting
  • Google voice for iPhone
  • Call phones from gmail
  • Call your Google voice number to listen to voice mail messages
  • You can setup your account to Do Not Disturb
  • Send SMS to multiple recipients

Do you use it?