go bug dad

Go Bug Dad!

Why is it that it’s always MOM MOM MOM? I love my kids to death, no seriously – but for the love of Jesus and all things chocolate, why am I the chosen one when it comes to tattling, asking, complaining, whining, wishing, wanting or begging?

Oh that’s right – I’m Mom.

There is one holy place in this house sacred to me, the shower. I take late night showers to make sure that it’s nice and quiet and so I can just cry. Okay, not really cry – but I just want 20 minutes of quiet.

I’ve learned that going pee isn’t a guarantee of alone time. Cooking dinner, yeah forget about that! Sleep? Oh, I typically end up with one munchkin snuggled up next to me. So please kids, let me just have the shower. You can have the rest of my life – just let me have the shower, please. It’s the one place I can hide, let me just be – please.

Well that just wasn’t going to happen tonight.


glass of milkTrying to play it patient and calm – “yes, I am in the shower”


Milk. I’m not nursing you, pour your own milk – my dear 7 year old – mommy smells and wants QUIET.

“Go ask Dad.”

“He’s playing his game,”


Is it just me? It can’t just be me… there must be something that just keeps your kids stuck to you and not Dad. Or maybe it’s just that dads don’t put up with crap.

*sigh* I have a feeling this will be going on a very very long time. They are lucky that I love them. Now kids, GO BUG DAD.

Are Your Kids Mom Naggers?


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