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Get Your Barre Workout Done Online in 10 Minutes

I don’t know about your, but being a working mom – life slaps you in the face and those things you INTEND to get done can slide by the way side.  A few weeks ago, Barre3 wrote and asked if we would be interested in trying out their new online classes. Uhm, YES!  I have totally wanted to try out Barre classes but 2 things:

1. I always fear awfully awkward in exercise classes – especially in dance type classes, because this white girl has ZERO moves.

2. The closest place that teaches Barre is about 20 miles from here. My sister attends, LOVES it and raves often but 20 miles  to go to a class to workout just doesn’t fit my 4 kids, too many jobs lifestyle.

So here’s the deal, Barre3 offers various online programs, such as: 7 Day Body Blast, 28 to Great and 10 to Go.  I am working with the 10 to Go. Here’s a little about the Program

barre online

Barre3 10 to Go

Here’s the premise of 10 to Go: Take 10 minutes for yourself each day. Log in daily for 10 minute workouts, recipes, and wellness tips to help you refresh and recharge.

10 minutes a day. That’s it.

If you have longer to work out, their our options for that, but with the 10 to Go, you only need 10 minutes. You choose the time you have, the focus of your work out and you are ready to roll.

barre3 10 to GoIt’s as easy as that! The workouts require little props (yoga mat and chair for most). You can do the Barre works outs in front of your computer or stream to your television (I’ve been playing around with the Chromecast and this is perfect for this service!).


10 minutes a day, you can do it! The 10 To Go program is accessible to barre3 online subscribers for as little as fifteen dollars a month. Learn more at

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