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Friday Faves: Roblox Online Safety, and More

It’s time for another round of Friday Faves! This week we have lovey dovey mushy love day, a kid with a concussion, Roblox online safety and our kids favorite magazine subscription.

Love Day

It was an eventful week, full of love and mushy with Valentine’s Day happening this past Tuesday. This was my husband and I’s 21st Valentine’s day together.  We celebrated with reflexology and dinner at my new favorite restaurant, Harvest in McKinney, TX.

It’s a farm to table restaurant with delicious seasonal food and drinks that are to die for. If you ever find yourself in downtown McKinney, go to Harvest and order the deviled eggs. You will thank me. (I know, I’m not even a deviled egg person, but these are legit.)

Kid With a Concussion – No Screens For You!

This wouldn’t fall under a Friday Fave – but something I didn’t want to miss in this week’s recap.

Other than the made-up, commerical holiday, one of our kids tripped over his friend’s cast and some how ended up with a concussion. He is on day 2 of no screens, minimal activity and lots of rest. For an 11-year-old boy – this is like death. He is dizzy any time he stands for any length of time, has a mild constant headache and no appetite.

What do you do when your kid has a concussion and he can’t watch TV, play on his phone or do pretty much anything that requires brain power? I don’t know. I’ve tried to cater to his every need, which has really just been providing him a blanket and encouraging him to sleep whenever he feels like it – wherever he feels like it. He’s fallen asleep in my office chair, in a booth and many times on the couch. 

Concussions are NO fun! This past year, I was in a car wreck and had a concussion put me out for 6-weeks. It was HELL to say the least. We are hoping he will make a turn for the better this weekend, as at least this is a mild concussion. His school has a concussion protocol for dealing with concussions. They are working off a plan that our Pediatrician put together to ease him back into activity next week. 

ROBLOX Online Safety

This week, the internet is a buzz with talk about online safety and the popular kids’ game ROBLOX. I had quite a few things to say about this as it is a concern to many parents.

Roblox online game

Not down playing anyone’s concerns – but did want to bring more attention to the fact that it isn’t just this game – it’s your kids online – period. Here’s my piece on Roblox and Online Safety

New Tech

A slew of new tech goodies arrived this week, so stay tuned for reviews soon!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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