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Free Thankful Printable

It’s the season of gratitude! While we should be thankful year round – it’s the month of November and that Thanksgiving holiday that has us in thanks.

Last month, I attended a funeral of a friend’s sister. It was a sweet celebration of her life. During the service, the minister talked about how she would put quotes and verses around her house and change them out frequently. I loved that idea. I keep sticky notes of quotes around my work space, but why not share it with the family?  To start off the quotes and bible verse display, I thought this verse was appropriate.


Give Thanks To The Lord
For He Is Good
His Love Endures Forever

From 1 Chronicles 16:34, I felt like this serves what I want our family to be thinking about. We are so blessed – despite the chaos and crazy that I want my kids to be thankful and to thank God for all of this and for them to know He loves us.

Sure, this may not be for all – but for this house and this family, it’s perfect.

Here it is, free thankful printable to download. Just print, trim and pop in an 8×10 frame and you are ready to roll with a decorative bit of happiness to display around your home. This bible verse serves as a wonderful reminder to just be grateful. Give thanks to the Lord, he is good – and he loves us forever exactly how we are. Now if we all could just be a little bit more like Christ. (Myself included.)

Free Thankful Printable


Just click and download. Make sure you check out our other printables as well as All Things Thanksgiving

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