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Get in Shape With Samsung Smart TV

Out with the old work out videos, in with fitness TV – no seriously, working out and getting in shape with your Samsung Smart TV is easy and a featured element of the ES8000!

fitness tv

Smart TV = Fitness TV

I know, sounds silly right? Samsung is throwing out the old notion of couch potatoes and what you think of when pondering on the cliche of watching TV.  With the Samsung ES8000, you have a workout waiting for you with a personal trainer built right into your television!

From the Smart Hub, choose the Fitness app.

fitness app

If you would like to track your progress, go thru the simple wizard and setup a fitness profile. This isn’t a requirement, but will help you keep track of your fitness regimine.

fitness tv profile

There are numerous workouts to choose from and in the few months that I have had the Samsung ES8000 have noticed there are more added regularly! These are FREE and included with the Smart TV programming.

fitness tv workouts

Here is the part that I absolutely love. Have you ever been working out, specifically thinking YOGA, where you have some funky pose but you are thinking to yourself… uhm am I doing this right or better yet – have you ever wondered what you look like working out? Well this smart TV will let you know.

Virtual Mirror

After selecting the workout routine you want to do, you have the option to select full video or virtual mirror. Full video will show you the workout full screen. Select virtual mirror and utilizing the built-in camera on the Samsung ES8000, your video will display on half the screen and you in all your work out glory will be on the other half.

Virtual mirror samsung es8000

The fitness tv element of the Samsung ES8000 is just another great reason to consider purchasing.  Check out more features on the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV.

samsung es8000 fitness tv