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FitBug Orb Review

Update: While I really like the FitBug and it’s very affordable compared to other fitness trackers – I’m sad to report that the device died on me. I tried changing it’s battery. I tried charging. BLAH. I’m not using a Garmin Vivofit.

Last week I was sent a FitBug Orb to review. The FitBug Orb is a new high-end, low-priced (2 things us moms LOVE) activity tracker – gotta love tech and fitness, rolled into one!  This device tracks your steps, aerobic steps/time, distance, calories burned, speed and even sleep.

Seeing as I typically go all GO FITNESS on January 1st, not before Thanksgiving….. I thought this first week I would just wear it, use it and see where I track without actually thinking about activity.

fitbug orb review

Reviewing the FitBug Orb

The FitBug Orb can be worn as a watch (that’s how I prefer), on your belt clip, or you can clip it to your panties if you want to be discreet (but I know my luck, I’d be fishing the thing out of the toilet!).  So I’ve worn this thing on my wrist and for someone who doesn’t wear a watch, I wasn’t sure if I’d be down with this. Surprisingly the activity monitor is actually comfortable and not at all annoying like I had feared!

You sync the FitBug Orb with the FitBug app on your phone. Just click the button on the Orb – a green light will appear  – within 30 seconds your fitness data is transferred to your phone. Fabulous right? The FitBug app allows you to set goals for yourself and track progress. Again, the first week was just to see where my everyday activity was at right? WRONG.

I forget how competitive I am, especially with myself – so while this week was suppose to be easy peasy, I decided to compete each day for more steps. Numerous times through the day I click the FitBug – then check the app. This goes on all day to make sure I stay ahead of the day before. I WAS SUPPOSE TO ONLY BE TESTING THIS – but blah – it’s turned into a competition, of course – with myself.

I’m on day 5, my only negative with the FitBug is I am an insomniac who when I finally fall asleep – I hit the pillow hard and it’s typically while doing something. You have to set the FitBug Orb into sleep mode to track your sleep – that being said, I’ve only had 1 night of the last several using this device where I’ve actually gone to sleep with hitting the device.

To be honest, that nights sleep was so lame it shouldn’t even count as sleep – it should qualify more as a nap. From my friends who have other activity trackers, this seems to be a common complaint.

No other leading activity trackers can boast as wide a range of features, wearability and value as the Fitbug Orb. At just $49.95, it is less than half the price of other devices. Proving great things come in small packages its features include:

  • Tracking of steps, aerobic steps/time, distance, calories burned, speed and sleep
  • Free Fitbug app (iOS and Samsung Galaxy S4 Android smartphones)
  • Dongle option available for users without a compatible Smartphone or tablet
  • KiK, a personalized digital coaching technology that calculates goals on personalized pages and nudges users with feedback, advice and encouragement via emails and smart phone alerts
  • Multiple wear options, such as a wristband, belt hook and underwear clip
  • Multiple sync options, including Push, Beacon and Stream
  • Three eye-catching color options, including white, pink and black
  • No need for re-charging with batteries lasting for up to six months
  • Connectivity to other leading apps including MyFitnessPal and Aetna Carepass
  • At present the device is compatible with the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 family iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod touch 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
  • Studies have shown that in the first four weeks of membership the most inactive Fitbug members increase their daily activity by an average of 265 per cent. Data shows this improvement is maintained over the 12 month, indicating that the improvements are long lasting, let’s hope this is the same true for me!

If you are looking for an activity tracker or are looking for a fun gift for the digital mom in your life, check out the FitBug!

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