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Fitbit Informs Woman She’s Pregnant, Well Kind Of.

I always love hearing how people find out they are pregnant – plus I have a new Fitbit obsession – so when I read that a woman found out she was pregnant because of a Fitbit, I was intrigued. Was a pregnancy test a new feature of the Fitbit app? Does the band absorb your sweat and detect pregnancy hormones? Nope, Fitbit isn’t that fancy – yet. Here’s what went down…

Weird Fitbit Data = Pregnancy?

A guy got a Fitbit to start off the new year getting in shape. His wife wanted one as well and got one shortly after. (Funny how that works.) Her Fitbit monitors her heart rate and while it was detecting everything fine and good the first few days – suddenly her heartbeat was consistently high.

fitbit pregnant

The device was recording her resting heart rate at a high range, sometimes up to 110 beats a minute. A normal resting heart rate for an adult is about 60 to 100 beats a minute, according to the Mayo Clinic.

He turns to Reddit to find out if anyone knows what’s up – thinking maybe there is something wrong with the Fitbit… Love that he wants to reset or recalibrate it.. no dude, your life is about to be changed.

reddit fitbit pregnancy

My wife’s fitbit is showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days. 2 days ago, a somewhat normal day, she logged 10 hours in the fat burning zone, which i would think to be impossible based on her activity level. Also her calories burned do seem accurate. I would imagine if she was in the the fat burning zone she would burn a ton of calories, so its not lining up.

fitbit pregnancy

Im not sure if something is wrong with the sensor. is there a way to reset or recalibrate the device? Id like to try that before I contact customer service about a possible replacement.

Reddit Crowdsource Answers

Leave it to the Reddit crowd to crowdsource an answer.

reddit crowdsource

Yes, who knew. He told his wife. She took a pregnancy test. She is pregnant. So love how this played out in the forums!

pregnant fitbit

A high heart beat can signal pregnancy. I remember this late in the pregnancy game, all that blood pumping while creating a baby does something crazy to your heart rate.

And in typical REDDIT style, the funny REDDIT comments have come rolling in on this post:

  • Dibs on the second one if its twins.
  • Fitbit for a boy. Fitbitty for a girl
  • Dibs on the baby, I called dibs everyone saw it.
  • Can’t call dibs until it’s crowning, sorry.
  • Piss on the fitbit to make sure.
  • I’m really sorry buddy, but that baby’s gonna’ have to be called Fitbit.
    • You mean “Little Bit”…
  • Don’t count on customer service offering a replacement girlfriend.
  • Exactly! When we first found out I was preggers my heart rate on my fitbit shot up from 70s to the 80s.. you could actually track when I got pregnant by the heart rate spike.
  • Totally thought you were going to discover she was cheating on you! Glad to hear the good news!