Fisher Price iXL – The iPad for Kids (kind of)

Fisher Price iXL

The 4 year old loves his Leapster and the 7 year old loves her Nintendo DS. On birthdays and holidays, it never fails we end up spending money on expanding these systems with new games or accessories. Fisher Price has caught wind of this potential. They are jumping into the portable learning and entertainment system game with the Fisher Price iXL Learning System, geared towards 3 to 6 year olds.

The iXL features six applications: Story Book, Game Player, Note Book, Art Studio, Music Player and Photo Album. (Unfortunately no video support). All apps are geared towards learning and interactivity.

The iXL is PC and MAC compatible. It features an SD card slot for expanded memory and comes with a USB cord to connect to the computer. 

With the launch of the iPad that all the grown-ups have, your little Junior will be sure to want one to be just like mommy and daddy! Watch this item as it has good potential to be a must-have during the 2010 holiday season or toy must-haves. iXLs will be available in the fall of 2010.


The Good:

  • Keeping the kids entertained while they learn
  • Encourages reading
  • Offers a portable way to listen to music
  • Boasts a clam-shell body so when little hands drop won’t break very easily

The Bad:

  • Boasts a $79.99 price tag, which will surely increase when you by all of the add-ons.
  • Book compatability – while I don’t have details, thinking these won’t be available only thru Fisher Price

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