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Review: Fisher Price Rock N Play Baby Sleeper

With our last baby, Izaiah – we decided we would use the bassinet feature of our pack and play rather than buying a bassinet. Well, the kid ended up colic and refused to sleep – well just about anywhere, with the exception of his infant carrier (car seat) the first 10 weeks of his life. Then, it was straight to the crib.

fisher price sleeper

Baby Sleeper vs the Bassinet

So when pregnant with this baby, I contemplated buying a bassinet, since the pack and play thing was too bulky and awkward for my liking.

After much surfing and thinking about what babies really like to sleep in (car seats, bounce chairs – you know – anything BUT their intended beds) – I purchased the Fisher Price Rock N’ Play Baby Sleeper. It was affordable at around $50 – compared to the other bed side sleeper which were nearly double the price.

Baby Sleeper Basics

The setup was easy. Even this then pregnant mama could put it together.

The baby sleeper itself is light weight and like the title says “Rock N’ Play Baby Sleeper” this thing rocks.

Then We Had a Baby Who Didn’t Sleep In It

So we had the baby, and put him in it and will say the first 6 weeks he laughed at it. And by laughed I mean CRY. Zeke was not having it. He ended up in bed with us, our little co-sleeper. We have never been a co-sleeping family, but this kid loves to cuddle – and cuddling is what we’ve done.

Then We Had a Baby That DID Sleep In It

The last few weeks, Zeke has been sleeping longer (praise JESUS). And my arm hurts. This little cuddler has put a permanent cramp in my left arm from where his little body lays. So I’ve slowly been weening him from our bed and into the Fisher Price baby sleeper. My evil plan is working.

For the last few weeks, we’ve had several naps and nights in the sleeper. Though, for this dude – we have found it best that he be swaddled – then all is right in his world. And he can sleep.

And sleep he has done. For the last few nights, we are talking 7 hours of sleep people. This mom is happy.


Price! $50 is reasonable and considering a bassinet is around this cost – I would go with the baby sleeper.

The actual size of the baby sleeper is perfect, as well as the weight. It easily moves, though I am deathly afraid of our 18 month old deciding to push it down the stairs with either himself or the babe in it. (Fear not, we have a baby gate – doesn’t mean the thought hasn’t not crossed my mind!)


I wish the sleeper was taller – or that our mattress was shorter. If it was about 3 inches higher, our sleep deprived butts wouldn’t have to roll out of bed to get him out of the baby sleeper. Color us lazy.

Side Note:

I do believe each kid is different, so what works for one child may not work for another.

Where to Buy:

Amazon has the Fisher Price Rock N Play Baby Sleeper for $50. If you are in one of the lucky states – no tax and free shipping. Plus, don’t forget to join Amazon Moms to get in on free Amazon Prime!