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First Day of School Printable Sign – 2018 – Customized Signs from Preschool to College!


If you are looking for first day of school signs, here you go! We’ve done these the last few years, this year I just updated this page – all signs say 2018, plus daycare added in!

So now your kids from DAYCARE to PRESCHOOL to COLLEGE can smile and grin as you take a photo with this free printable!

Free Printable First Day Signs!

First day of school printable signs are always a fun way to start off a new school year. We have taken first day of school photos with signs for the last few years (see 2012 and 2011 and we did them for 2014-2016, but just updated this post).  

Last year we added in first day of school signs for daycare and preschool, those were a hit! And don’t forget our college first day sign!

2018 First Day of School Sign Printable

I don’t know about you, but with 4 kids – I want to see what grade they are in – so instead of just 1 first day of school sign, I created several!  I hope that these come in handy on your first day of school, as I know they will our’s.  

Snapped a photo of our soon-to-be first grader this morning for the blog. In his summer haziness “Mommy, this isn’t’ the first of day of school, is it??” No kid, you have a few more weeks – mommy is just a little bit more prepared for back to school this year (SURPRISED? I am!)

First Day of School Signs

Here are our first day of school printable signs with my kids in 2018. Yes, I still make them take first day of school photos with their first day of school printable signs! 

Remember, we have signs from preschool to college! See download link before.

First Day of 8th Grade

first day of school eight grade sign free printable

Our Elijah is now in eighth grade! I can’t believe how much he is changing, so quickly too!


First Day of Sophomore Yearfirst day of school tenth grade sign free printable sophomore

10th grade – sophomore year, our little Z is no longer little. 

First Day of Third Grade

first day of school third grade sign printable free

This is our Izaiah on his first day of third grade. Love this kid!

First Day of First Grade

first day of school first grade sign free printable

And last, but not least – Zeke. Zeke is in first grade this year and here he is on the first day of school with his sign. 

First Day of School Signs 2018 – Daycare thru College!

So let’s get to it. I created these back to school signs for each year, preschool to college. Yes, college kids – how sweet would it be to print out a sign and send a photo to your parents on your first day of college?

Good luck getting your high schoolers to cooperate. Hoping that my kids won’t be stubborn as I plan on doing this every year, it’s a requirement!

Enjoy! Happy first day of school. I would love to see photos of your kids with these signs! Please post them on!

Free Printable 2018 First Day of School Sign

Free First Day of Daycare Sign

We’ve also included a free first day of daycare sign to download! So many mamas and dads want to celebrate the first day of daycare and now we have a sign for that!

Download First Day Sign

Here is how to download your first day sign? Just click on the sign you want below – and wa-lah!

Daycare Sign

Preschool Sign

Kindergarten Sign

First Grade Sign

Second Grade Sign

Third Grade Sign

Fourth Grade Sign

Fifth Grade Sign

Sixth Grade Sign

Seventh Grade Sign

Eighth Grade Sign

Ninth Sign

Tenth Sign

Eleventh Sign

Twelfth Sign

College Sign

Happy Back to School!

Post Your First Day of School Photos

Post a photo of your kid with this sign on our Facebook page and we will link up!

Here are my kids, sporting their first day of school signs in 2016:


Here is Teresa’s daughter from Madison’s Learning Blog at her first day of college!

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Monday 24th of August 2015

I wish your first day of school signs were updated for 2015 :(


Tuesday 5th of August 2014

This is perfect! If only I actually did first day of school pictures. :)