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Best Gifts for Fathers Day 2019 – Ideas Dad Will Love

Looking for the BEST Fathers Day 2019 Gift Ideas for Dad? We’ve got them!

You guys, don’t forget about the dad in your life. Maybe it’s your actual dad, your baby daddy, dog dad or grandparent. Today we are looking at some fun Fathers day gifts for dad. 

When is Father’s Day in 2019? 

You guys, put this on your calendar, in your phone or what have you – Fathers Day 2019 is Sunday, June 16, 2019. You plan what to do with dad and I’ll show you what to buy him. Here are our gift ideas and suggestions for your Pops!

Fathers Day 2019 Gift Ideas

So the our Fathers Day 2019 gift ideas for dad are well, a bit tech. Plus, if you haven’t figured it out by now, here at Digital Mom Blog we love us some technology. Let’s dive into the gift list and find the best gift for dad for the father in your family!

gift ideas for dad

Fossil Smart Watch

Last month was my husband’s birthday. Every year he asks for a rain check on his birthday gift until he finds something he really wants. This year, at my brother-in-law’s graduation – my husband found his gift and it would make the PERFECT Father’s Day gift! It’s the Fossil Smart Watch. Listen, I have an Apple Watch and my husband has eyed the Samsung Smart Watches for the last few years, but when he saw how nice looking the Fossil Smart Watches were, he had to have one. 

fossil smart watch

My brother-in-law uses an iPhone, so the Fossil smart watch will work with iPhones. That said, they are built on the Android platform and made for Androids. My husband is an Android person and guess what? Now when I call or text, it shows up on his Fossil smart watch and he has no excuse to ignore me!

Cherry MW8 Mouse

Cherry sent over their Cherry MW8 Mouse for us to review and I have to say, while yes – it’s typically used for gaming, I use it EVERYWHERE! You guys, it’s summer and I am working from wherever the kids are. Here is a shot of me working from the patio this morning.

cherry mw8 mouse review - fathers day 2019 gift for dad

The Cherry mouse works amazingly everywhere. Whether I am on the patio metal table or in bed, this mouse tracks perfect. 

If the dad in your life is a gamer, this Cherry mouse will make the perfect Fathers day gift!

Wireless Digital Thermometer for Grilling

My husband has taken up a love for BBQ and smoking meats. Last year, his gift was a wireless digital thermometer for grilling. It’s absolutely fabulous – he just sets the meat, inserts the thermometer and is able to monitor his grilling progress via an app. 

wireless meat thermometer grilling - tech gift for dad 2019 fathers day

Easy peasy, perfect for the grill master!

Weather Station

Do you have a husband or dad in your life that goes outside as soon as the tornado sirens are going off? Or what about the guy who is always checking the forecast and telling you how much rain fell. Well, if that is the case in your house – we have the perfect Father’s Day gift idea for that dad. Get him a digital weather station!

ambient digital weather station - fathers day 2019 gift ideas

Ambient Weather Station

The Ambient Weather Station is the perfect gift for dad who thinks he is a meteorologist. What about going in with the siblings to buy this Fathers Day gift as a joint gift? He will love it!

Dad Shirts

When all else fails, a good ol’ dad shirt won’t! A class Father’s day gift in our house, is a good dad shirt. We’ve rounded up some perfect dad shirts for Father’s Day 2019 gift ideas! And check these out if you are looking for funny mom shirts!

Best Gifts for Dad

We hope our 2019 Fathers Day Gift Ideas gave you some suggestion for the perfect gift for dad. 

Happy Father’s Day 2019 to all the great dads out these. We are looking forward to celebrating the special dad who leads our family and takes care of us so well.

family photo with dad - happy fathers day 2019 sean

We love you Sean!