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Farm Ville, Mafia Wars & Yo Ville ATTACK 7-11!

Date night last weekend, we pull up to 7-11, because we are classy folks who have no expendable income right now due to 3 children in childcare. So no fancy date here.

Anywhoo, after walking into 7-11, I noticed the place had been attacked by ZYNGA. Zynga is the maker of Farmville, Yo Ville and Mafia Wars.

Farm ville exclusive cups, waters, ice cream – silly silly silly – and the same thing with Mafia Wars.this and that. Purchase a Farmville or Mafia Wars promo item and get a code to redeem online.

As silly of a promotion as this seems, at the end of the day – I think Zynga knows what they are doing – and so does 7-11. They are expanding their reach in unconventional ways. Who would of ever thunk, you can raise a farm on Facebook? OR that you can run a mafia on Facebook?

On a HAPPY note… Zynga is said to be worth over $3.3 BILLION dollars *putting pinky near face and laughing Dr. Evil style*. It’s one thing for a company to make money. BUT when the company finds creative ways to raise money and uses it for the greater good of the world, my heart smiles. Continue building your farm people, and that mafia to – just make sure when purchasing virtual products that will benefit a greater causer.

Zynga is committed to transforming the world through virtual social goods. Zynga players have made real change by raising millions for several international nonprofits since launched in October 2009.

Players have purchased virtual social goods within Zynga games that have benefitted earthquake victims, families without clean water, and children in Haiti through school lunch programs. is also building a new school, focusing on education and futures for the children of Mirebalais, Haiti.

Here are some more papparazzi shots from the inside of 7-11. I know the 7-11 clerk totally thought I was either a freak, a secret shopper, or both. And yes, that is totally ice cream AND water with Yo Ville & Farm Ville.

Farmville? Nah – let’s talk Angry Birds!