Family Life Work Balance: Trying to Make Everyone Happy? Stop!

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Tips and Tricks for Managing Work, Life and Family – STOP trying to make people happy!\

One of the biggest no-no’s as you try to find your groove with balancing work and life – is trying to make everyone happy!

If you have ANY people pleasing traits, this will be difficult, but I’m here to hold you hand thru it, as a previous people pleaser!

Work Life

When juggling work assignments that require dedication and attention to detail, with a child who requires your love, affection and care life can get hairy, to say the least. So how do you say yes to this and no to that?

work life balance

Identify Your Priorities

Identifying your priorities when it comes to work and family is key. While this is much easier said that done (isn’t all of parenting like that?), you have to do this and you must have plan B. As a working mom, one of the greatest skills that I have learned is open-minded thinking. While a situation may not be ideal – does it work? Does it get the job done?

Creating your priority list will help keep you focused. This is both for personal life and for your work life.

Priorities at Work

My priorities at work are all written down next to my computer screen. These work priorities, I go over weekly with my boss. While my goal is to get these done, it never fails that the list grows with my inbox. Each week, I go over the list with her and re-organize as to what is important. Those that fall out of my scope and that can be delegated appropriately, are done so.  This helps keep my head in the game as to what MUST be done before I can call it a day.

Priorities at Home

At home, I’m not a list person. I’m sure that would make my husband’s life way too happy if I was to do this. But the most essential thing to keeping things in check on the home front, is communication with my husband. We’re in this thing together. Each of our 3 children have specific NEEDS.  I personally have needs, and so does this baby I am growing in my belly. My husband above all else has needs. We align where we can, who can do what when and make it happen. Does everything always get done? Nope. But the kids are fed, happy, healthy and make it to school on time – and some days, that’s what we can do and that will have to be enough.

Just Say No – But Offer a Solution When Possible

So, your priorities are identified for both work and home. Now when something comes up that just is NOT in the game plan – you have to be prepared to say no. This is hard. But remember your focus, those priorities.

This past weekend, we had to say “no” to 2 birthday parties. Both of my older children had birthday parties, invited to separately – at 2 locations – at 2 different times – it just wasn’t going to happen if we wanted to spend ANY time together as a family. We did offer a solution. The kids were able to attend yet ANOTHER birthday, that they were BOTH invited to the following day.  It was hard saying, “NO! I’m sorry you can’t go bowling with your friend” but by saying “no” our family had a way less hectic day and were able to focus on those priorities, which that day was quality time together.

Do You Have a Hard Time Saying NO?


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